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today was suckish for me,i havent gotten any sleep today cause of my brother,and not to mention i spilled food on my new shirt and now its got a stain that won't come out,i tripped over my puppy(his names bear)and got a f*ckin blood nose and i got screamed and yelled at cause i uh....vandalized my parents old 80's subaru....it was fun..while it lasted.....aww love the sound of broken glass in the morning :awesome:

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Well today sucked horribly, and there's a reason why.

Today at college, I was given back my assignment, and guess what, one of my mates copied me. Yes, it doesn't seem like much, but this idiot copied every single word from top to bottom, missing out no detail and making no copying mistakes. I gave part of my work to him to LOOK at, NOT COPY. I told him clearly not to copy my work, I just showed him how I did it since he was pretty unsure. Until I found out later, him and some other mates, who are both lazy copied my work as well, doing the exact same thing. I felt pissed, really. I did. One of my mates had the same thing happen to him, and he's had it with some of my mates in the class, and so have I.

I'm glad though my tutors didn't actually get angry with it, but if this happened in more stricter college with a stricter policy, I'd be more of a less fucked. These mates, truthfully are stupid, they aren't even smart, and ain't fucking cut out for college, yet they ask for help all the time from me and my mates. One of them even asked me to staple his assignment work together (Which is the most easiest thing to do, even a fucking 5 year old can do it without a problem), and when I said no to him, he goes and calls me a "Wasteman", truthfully he's a lazy ass cunt who can't even fucking do staple his own work.

I'm so glad that I got away with this shit. Now, I'm not even gonna let these asses get my work and copy it. If they do, the answers gonna be; "Hell fucking no cunt".

So yeah, even though I was a little shook up with this, I feel a bit glad though I'm away from it.

Tomorrow though, I'll be visiting my school again, for the last time. I have to give in an award I received back in 2008 before my GCSE exams, so yeah, gonna miss that award, had my name carved on it. :\ But I will hopefully see a few of my old teachers, especially my hot French Teacher. Haha.

So yeah hopefully this shit on my back should be gone by tomorrow. (:

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You have a growth on your back? Oh you poor thing. Umm.. I also bought Lynx Bullet. That's the most exciting thing to happen to me in the past week.


LOL. I don't have a growth on my back. Lolwtf, I just said I had some shitty problems but applied it to being at my back cause it can grow annoying. :P

I tried Lynx Bullet, awesome little shit.

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