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Actually, I was thinking something like jewelry. But with the money I have, it'll only last a few months. And remember, this is a person who sends me $100 on my brothers' birthdays.

Damn. I dunno man, I still think sentimental is the way to go. I mean, you and I are the same age. There's no way we could a job. Or atleast over here.. which isn't that far. But yeah dude, good luck with the decisions.

Maybe something she'd find useful? Like... a mop for example. I'm not sayin any kinda joke or anything, just I have a hard time coming up with good examples.

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Why did you got grounded Nate? Did something wrong? Beat somebody?

I remember when i beat a friend because he was insulting me.And i had 1 week grounded at home with nothing:no computer,no TV,no mobile phone,no girls,etc.Only homeworks and school. :mellow:

Nah, just bad grades & bad attitude... Well, i'm all excited right now since I'm on the SCHOOL COMPUTER. Yeah, it's the first and only freecomputer day so I'm hee and playing line rider, and GT on calculator which is sorta stupid but hey, it's GTA. Well, so what ya'll been upto lately?

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Wow, life must be bad, you're celebrating school computers, our ones are shite atm, but they just ordered 1000 (yes thousand) new HP pcs that are vista ready in time for its release, quick computers at school, finally (note:add slow school computers to list of things that piss me off...) my life is complete... :coolthumbup:

When i get in a fight, my parents can usually tell cos my jackets ripped or sumthin, let me run you through a typical post fight conversation with my mum:

MUM: how'd you rip your jacket

ME:got in a fight

MUM:Serious fight or mess about


MUM: oh, who with

ME *whoever it is*

MUM:did you win

ME: yes

(i am growing more modest by the day lol)

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'K. Bye, bye! Dammit, where's the "waving bye" emoticon?

I know everything that is under my Christmas tree and everyone in the house knows it. I got a portable DVD player and more RAM, my little brother got Xmod parts, my dog got a bone-shaped container with treats, and my older brother....well, there's the very small chance he could see this, so I'm leaving him out.

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