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Well holidays start this friday for me. I still have to do history, german and physics. After that I'm mentally on a vacation. The physical vacation start on friday. Other than that, it's just chilling and waiting.

I had some time this weekend and made myself a custom NRG skin. And that's pretty much all. It's raining today, so a parkour training is out of question.


You have PHYSICS tooo..


Right now i just came home.

Having some time free.So i am gonna stunt.VC stunting ofcourse.

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Well I had my big dance performance and we f***ed it up, we hadnt finished when the music did so Abbi was getting on my back and the music ended.

That means you dance separately(sp?) from the song, which makes me think it sucks (No offence).

Also got a new mobile phone :D . LG KG800 Chocolate.

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