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hmm,hmmmmmm san andres is too big for psp but the can make los santos stories with sweat for main character and the time when cj was thare and they are haveing gang wars but mum dies cy-liberty city sweat left alone to controle the hood harder missions than in beggening no girfriends cause mum is dead...I dont know whwt you think but i think :coolthumbup:.And would be best for psp

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the psp can hold it,

but the thing is San andreas is 2.9 gb of data

when the umd can only hold up 1.8 gb of data

they should get rid of the extra cars and a little bit of san andreas

make it lite for psp

I'd want it set in 1991.

It think its a bad idea to remove a piece of SA. I love its vastness.

But I think it's late for SA stories. We now have GTAIV to introduce the new series.

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i would rather have SA stories based in the future of what the original game was,like how gta3 was 2001 and gta4 was in 2008,i would rather have SA stories in 2007 then 1987 with more cars and still keep the old features such a swimming and eating and low riding,and cesar has been killed by the vagos and leaving Kendl heartbroken and also leaving carl and sweet to get revenge for the lost of Kendl's husband cesar,also playing as sweet trying to convince carl wich soon has become enrolling in the police academy in liberty city(gta4's remake)to come home and help him take down the vagos,yeah i know the story is similar to the original,with music on the game such as chris brown,kanye west,drowning pool,disturbed etc,but some how i honestly don't see that happening,how ever if they did and they try'd to put it on the psp i don't think it would be sucsessful cas of the size of the game and i honestly don't see a reason to put it on the psp because if they did make it and they put the whole state on the game,then of course there gonna put missions out in the desert and places the psp wouldn't be able to hold,then have to cut out half of the game making the player of the psp version confused as hell,yeah i don't think so...

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I wish Rockstar would just take a step back in time and create Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories. When Rockstar concluded the GTA III Era, many questions about the GTA San Andreas characters were still left unanswered. "The Introduction" in the PS2 special edition of GTA San Andreas was not enough to tell us how Brian died, what kind of people Brian and Beverly were, and why C.R.A.S.H. was picking on the Johnsons in particular. I expected GTA V to have been San Andreas Stories, but seeing how modernised the GTA IV and GTA V Eras are, and how Rockstar seems very intent on modernising the GTA series, GTA SAS seems very unlikely to be created.

However, if Rockstar was to create GTA SAS, they should create it so that it answers the following questions:

How did Brian Johnson die?

Who was the father of the four Johnson kids, and what was he called?

What kind of people were Brian Johnson and Beverly Johnson?

Why were CRASH always picking on the Johnsons?

At what age did CJ and his siblings get involved in crime?

along with a few other questions left unanswered by Rockstar.

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