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Destroying the Banner Plane


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Sorry if I have made another pointless topic...

But it IS possible to destroy the plane. This is how I figured it out.

I was driving around in my Hunter, I wanted to use the rockets, so I wanted to destroy some scenery (Or make it look like I am) so I rapidly shot at the banner plane and it blew up! But then I got a 3 star wanted level. And the Banner took a while to drop. The explosion was entertainment! Has anyone else done this?

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You couldn't blow the Add Banner Dodo up, it wasn't solid..

Yes you could, even though it wasn't solid you could still blow it up. Evidently you haven't even tried doing it (hence you don't know) so your post was completely pointless. Please think before you go making false statements, if you don't know the answer to someones post then don't post at all, it's almost as bad as replying with "I don't know".

Besides, it's exactly the same as it was back in GTA3 as well, except it didn't have a banner. Or do you want to argue that as well?

You want me to make a video proving it's true?

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A flying image that you can blow up. You have to hit it in the middle, I THINK. The plane blows up, and the banner slowlly falls to the ground. That, and you get three warning stars, but whatever. :P

ALSO..... ! Make sure you're using ROCKETS. If I remember correctly, the bullets wouldn't hit it. Only the rockets worked.

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