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Most Boring Part of San Andreas


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I onli liked the car theft missions in SF. the rest jus sucked. it felt reli good to blow up Jizzy with a shotgun ( i hated the guy) But the red county missions were borin too. i also hated long distance travellin. i always took bought a flight (didn't like flying too). i'm such a slacker!!! LOL

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That didnt bother me, I kept going different ways and exploring.

Yep, great thing to do.

the most boring part of san andreas is beating the game. because i don't know what the hell to do next. :erm:

You serious!

Most boring part of game for me was trying to beat tough missions since:

1.)You're bad at that one.

2.)You don't liek it cause you're bad at that mission and can't beat it.

3.)You have to play it over and over.

It's just annoying when you are stuck. But other than that the girlfriends were pretty boring.

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But other than that the girlfriends were pretty boring.

You're right, brother. Katie broke up with me. I didn't like that bitch, anyway. She was a big distraction like Denise is right now.

Bahahahahaa!!! That is totally right but that sounded so funny IMO.

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Heh, true true. Also homies doing nothing to help you but sometimes they get shot at instead of you for a few shots. Or the cops not shooting and chasing at gang members shoot at you but when you shoot at them you get a wanted star. I hear in Scarface the cops actually do that though which is nice.

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