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Most Boring Part of San Andreas


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is definetly when you have to do zero's missions they are just so annoying and gay

Ahh shit man, yeah man the Zero missions were really boring you know, damn, I remember that fckn mission when you were gonna play some strategy game, it was damn boring you know, and when you were on the rooftop, oh man, talk about boring, nothing was wrong with Zero but the missions were pretty boring. So yeah man, I forgot all about it, the Zero missions wasn't that entertaining.

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The only good Zero mission for me was Air Raid but even then Zero distracted me too much with his panicking.

yea he gets right panicking when am trying to shoot hes going ( o nooooooo blkeys trying to blow me up ) or something like that

"Carl, Carl, I thought you could shoot Carl"

"We need a bridge, we need a bridge"

"I can't move Carl, hurry, hurry" Etc.

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The heist at LV was the best part of the LV missions. You had to do all kinds of things: Stealing Police bikes, breahing into the army base to steal the `copter, and stealing the building layouts. but the only part that was reli horrible about the heist was: MILLIE. That girl has a serious problem. I got so sick of her.

I bought a house near her's (you noe, the mansion with the triple garage). and every day i changed into the gimp suit, to go on a date with her. in the end, i just shot her with the shot gun and killed her . then i took the card.

(well, actually...i killed her quite a number of times. After killing, i reloaded and just differed my killing style. Trying placing satchel charges on her...it's great. Another trick i tried was driving straight into the ocean with her in the passenger seat.HAHA) but after the heist, you get a freakin` million dollars!!! After that, it was smorgasbord for me...

but i don't get it...why would SA be borin`?? Let me tell you guys why most ppl find it boring. The answer is simple; finishititis.

What is finishititis?? It is a condition in which a person is driven to finish a game, such as SA, in the shortest possible time, that they forget the most important thing...they FORGET TO PLAY IT!! I'll start a thread on this once i gather up some more dirt...then i think i'll make a guide on what are the things you can do in SA...

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