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Killzone 2 Bundle:


European gamers, this one's for you: according to GOONL!NE, Sony is preparing to release this nifty Killzone 2 PlayStation 3 bundle for the launch of the hotly anticipated shooter. At this time, it seems to only be scheduled for Europe, as SCEA and SCEJ haven't yet announced anything. We don't have a price for the package, either, but we assume it's going to include the game, perhaps a special PS3 with a KZ2 emblem, and some other little collectible that'll make this an extraordinarily appealing bundle for those who don't yet own a PS3. The game has been confirmed to release on February 25 in Europe (February 27 in the UK), which means we still have plenty of time to see the press release from SCEA.

Looks good doesn't it! After watching the trailer below I definitely want this game.

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It can't possibly be that big. Stop the download and start again, if that doesn't fix it, the problem may be your connection. Other than that I don't know what else may help.

I don't even want to take the chance of having to go through all that again. If it were only 15 minutes into the download then I probably would try that.

It's almost 2GB.

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I should be getting myself this game. Whether or not I pre order it is the question :P

To go down the same track as Don, who here is gettin Tom Clancy's HAWX? This game looks awesome in all the IGN videos. I just hope it isn't like Endwar, where the videos make it look sweet, but the actual game play and graphics are mediocre.

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Killzone 2 looks great, plus the support for clan matches and facing off against other clans is something that should have been an option in COD4. Alright, I know clan members could get in a match and play each other, but there wasn't a specific clan member option. Also, a new update was released today - 2.60, details from Wiki:


January 21, 2009

System changes

* An error which caused saved games for some titles to become inaccessible if the user's PlayStation Network ID or password was changed has been addressed.

* Users are now able to view and download free content from the PlayStation Store without the need to create or sign-in to a PlayStation Network account.

Media changes

* A [Photo Gallery] application has been added under the [Photo] category (requires additional 105MB download).

* Video playback of files encoded with version 3.11 of the DivX codec.

Being able to DL things without being signed in, and the photo gallery application sound sweet.

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So has anyone been using PlayStation HOME? I was playing with it over the weekend and it's been getting a little addicting exploring all the different areas, but I really want the customization feature to come into effect. You're able to buy clubs already...but I'm not sure if you could buy anything else. A club cost $5...not sure if it's worth it...I'll do a quick search on the Youtubes and see if anyone was brave enough to buy one...searching...searching...searching...

The video doesn't really start until about 1:15 because the guy has the loading portion in the video...

It seems like you could do just about as much as you could do in your FREE housing unit...so I think it'd be best to wait before you go wasting spending your money on a club.

I said this many times before, but I feel that PlayStation HOME isn't a waste of money unless you spend over $60 on virtual items because if it were an actual game, that's about how much you'd spend on it.

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So I have a PS3 now. My PSN ID is in my profile if anyone wants to add me, but let me know who you are if you do, if your ID is different to your username here anyway ;)

I haven't followed much of the PS3's development so don't know a whole lot about HOME. Seems kinda pointless to me. So do you get your own home or something? That you can do what you want with? Can you go in other people's homes? It would be kinda lulzy to have a TGTAP hangout :P

But that's about all.

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Already ordered Killzone 2 and Resistance 1 and 2. Will get MGS4 too. And yeah actually I'll probably also end up getting LBP :P

I actually play more just to chill out rather than regularly get into online sessions, but yeah the fact it's free is great. I can't be bothered to renew my Xbox Live gold account since there's no new games out for ages that are any good. At least PS3 has GT5 coming up... still ages away but it's gonna own. Finished downloading GT5 Prologue earlier. I'm kinda late to the whole PS3 scene :P

But understandably so, it's only now that it's worth getting IMO, some pretty good games out. Was absolute shit when it launched.

Still not sure which console I prefer, both have their flaws and both have some really strong points too. One thing I LOVE about the PS3 though is the BluRay. Gonna be using that a hell of a lot. I'm an HD freak now. Any movie I like I have to get in HD.

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Unless something changes the PS3 has LA Noire to look forward to exclusively. Definitely one to look out for.

I have been going back and forth between getting KZ2 or not. I wasn't really sold by the demo but I wasn't turned off the game by it either, so I don't know.

GT5 should just be rape wrapped in insane resolution smothered in more rape. They have been working on it for God knows how long and it should be the most HD game around when it hits.

A site which should pose helpful, I check it every now and then. http://www.ps3trophies.org/index.php

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