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Favorite Gang and Gang Car

Most Favorite Gang and Gang Car  

56 members have voted

  1. 1. What was your favorite gang?

    • Vance Crime Family
    • Trailer Park Mafia
    • Cholos
    • Cubans
    • Bikers
    • Sharks
  2. 2. What gang car was your favorite?

    • Gang Rancher (Sharks)
    • Cholo Sabre (Cholos)
    • Cuban Hermes (Cubans)
    • Biker Angel (Bikers)

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The Vance Crime Family, you get a Sabre Turbo once you get the Smuggling Business Empire. The car looks are great, and it sounds great.

BTW, here are the cars you get from each empire:

Protection Racket: Idaho

Loan Shark: Admiral

Prostitution: Polaris V8

Drugs: Stallion

Smuggling: Sabre Turbo

Robbery: Landstalker

These all become bulletproof once you own all 30 sites.

On the Drugs business you may also find a Virgo parked with or without the Stallion. Though it spawns seldom.

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Favourite Gang: My own gang! They have great clothes and the best weapons! Just great! =) They are also a big drug cartel. :X

Favourite Gang car: The Gang Rancher. I hate the Sharks, but their car is great!

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My favourite gang is the Vance Crime Family. They are the only gang that doesn't attack me when I kill them, and they are the only gang willing to defend my businesses for me.

My favourite gang car was the Cholo Sabre. Good paint job and pretty good performance.

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