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Which forum members would you like to meet?


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Which forum members would you like to meet in real life? I would personally like to meet a lot of people here, smartboy4, spiderjay, precision, dennis, cc17, millermagic, calhoun. Probably some other too I've just forgotten.

Oh and also insane pyro, spasmod, thisisausername and others. And any female members who are here :D

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I take that as a compliment Chris. Might be difficult to set that up, as I think you and I are from separate places on the globe. I'm norwegian you see :D Real viking. (Not the Kirk Douglas-in-the-movie-The-Vikings-kind though!) And I suspect you for being non-scandinavian really... :D

However, aside from Chris, I think there's a few other intelligent people on this forum worth meeting for a talk, among which I remember are Millermagic and Precision. Will edit when remember more.

Oh, and I have my own female. Lovely girl ^_^


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sorry Skyline, I want to meet you too :P oh and corporate nothing and person123

yeah imagine it, where would we all meet, England or USA, since thats where we come from, the Scandinavians, SpiderJay, Chrisman etc. you can all come to England its only couple hours away, hey all come round to my place :D

oh and smartboy, dunno bout you in Singapore, we wont go there its too isolated and full of pirate copied stuff :P

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... because I trust all of y'all that you are not ----- peadophile rapists

Well I can safely say i'm not a peadophile, nor have I ever raped anything/anybody :ph34r:

there is also the language barrier to overcome for those less fortunate to be living in a country where some other utterly incomprehensible language is spoken. Although I realise now that Dutch people and Scandinavian people don't speak English with an accent meaning its easy to understand, unlike the French and German vere it iz spoken like zis and zey cant pronounce ze 'th' in words ;)

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