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Which forum members would you like to meet?


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Right now I'd like to meet with everybody who is staff here. And kokane. And anyone who likes me. Anyone who is female too :P

haha :P I kinda missed this forum :yup: but i'm too busy..damn...

anyway..to stay on topic..I would like to meet anyone who wants to meet me and so far..just chris? I donno, i think he's the only one that said he wants to meet me <_<

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id like to meet chris, as i admire the way he is only 17, and has a huge community at his hands, and like me, is addicted to the internet.

oh, and id like to meet tx3000 so i can kick his ass, and put dinamite in his pocket and blow him up.

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has it been long anough to tha point that i'm bumping a old topic .If so tell me please,but anyways;I'd like to meet tha boss Chris,Spaz,and chris 82.i've always thought these 3 out highlighted most peopel here.Tho i havn't been here long enough to know if there's more,i know there is but not wantin to meet them like these 3

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