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Which forum members would you like to meet?


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Can't remember, but you didn't rape me anyway. Thank God.

But I think we were just frolicking around, setting fire to stuff. Kokane was also there for some reason.. we did stuff. And also Spaz was with a girl but I don't know who, and it wasn't Tallow.

MMMmm.... Was she sexy((I know I know, that was an old post)).

I'd say Spaz, since hes' the only guy I've really had much to do with...and possibly Slavik and Tatsumaru

No matter who you know here, how many or little people you know, you ALWAYS know Spaz. I'm like the guy to know. You can't come here and NOT know me. It's impossible.

Yea i'd like to meet chris, mvi, sky and chris82. I'd wait until all of them were with me and i had a few large adults around before i met spaz.

He's volatile

RAWFUL! They roll me up with my arms restrained and a cannibal mask on. :lol:

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