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After almost 1 week of downtime we are finally back, we have now kindly been sponsored by GlookiHost and we have got most of our stuff back online, the things that aren't working right now are the downloads, well they work but the actual files aren't uploaded yet so no point trying to get them. There are also a lot of images not yet uploaded, hopefully everything will be fully restored later.

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What's the longest amount of time these forums have managed to stay up for? Since I joined, there have been shop changes (too many to count, and it all counted for nothing eventually), server switches, server problems (some major downtime then), changes of URL, and, to top it all off, mass deleting of every member account, post, and topic - once because Chris wanted a fresh start plus there were some server problems or something, then again because of THAT frolicking HACKER!

<quote>I've been bored in the past week. </quote>

Must... resist... abusive.. jokes...

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