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  1. This. I was also typing incredibly quick for a drunk person. There is no excuse for lazy, bad typing.
  2. Hey guys I just wanted to say I love some of you. Reallly, I do. I'm drunk and got into the first topic I deemed okay to post this in. I love you guys, I hope you love me too.
  3. Borderlands good? It looks interesting.
  4. It's entirely a matter of opinion. You can try to compare the two all day long, but it doesn't matter what you use as the criteria, they both have their strengths. I don't own a 360, but I've played it plenty of times. I love the controller, it's so smooth and comfortable. It's quite an improvement over the last Xbox controller. The PS3 controller is not much different than the PS2 controller, except it has triggers and tilt-sensors. I got a PS3 for Christmas, and really, I'm rather more pleased with it than I thought I'd be.
  5. Little Big Planet((the original)), and Duke Nukem Forever, but I've only lightly played that one so far. Might pick it up some more today and take a break from LBP. Any one else with a PS3 and LBP1 want to play online?
  6. I have pretty much forgotten about this game in the few years since I originally heard about it. Glad to see it's not worth my time. Thanks guys. :-)
  7. I'm hoping they just release them at the same time. The only people they hurt with that stupid shit is their CUSTOMERS. We got a PS3 for Christmas, and I'm actually really pleased with it, and I take back most of the bad things I said about the PS3.
  8. Daaaamn dude. I use mid-grade, and it's like 3.50 around our parts. At the cheapest.
  9. Most definitely. Nolan has been in my top five favorite directors since his Batman series introduced him to me a bit better. I've been meaning to watch Following, but haven't got around to it yet. American History X is a good movie. But man I've seen it waaaay too many times. Watched V for Vendetta a couple of nights ago, because I gave it to Chestnut for Christmas on Bluray. I chose it for ironic lolz. But still a good movie either way.
  10. LC, VC, and SA were the locations in the original GTA.
  11. Got a PS3 for Christmas, so I shall not be left out on some GTA V shit this time. Got Little Big Planet as well, which is just superb in every sense of the word. Get to work tonight, until 10. Sucky. Get to work tomorrow night as well, even though I asked for it off.
  12. Just saying, guys..... Just saying. And look at it this way. In a technical sense, video game mods ARE illegal. They could decide that websites like these are not suitable, and should be blocked. The internet was the absolute last place that we had total freedom.
  13. The trailer and news for GTA V made Chestnut and I pick up San Andreas again, but we've not turned it on in a couple of weeks.
  14. Let me know when/if you make more finalized plans. If I decide to move to Canada, I'll use your location as a basis of my decision. It would be awesome to be able to chill with you guys.
  15. Nice to see you're thinking the same thing I am, Shermz. I don't see much hope for this country, and it's looking a lot easier to just flee than try to fix the mess we're in. This thread is relevant to my interests.
  16. @AntiFandomFanboy It's kind of cute how you still think you're not a troll.
  17. Well, have pictures for size reference?
  18. Aren't software updates on phones usually free? I mean, game systems have free software upgrades....
  19. Simple: I don't. I only call people if I'm at home, if I'm not at home then I'm probably too busy to call someone anyway. As for texting, I find it kinda pointless. I am incredibly irritated by texting. I get angry when people are just sitting there clickclickclickclickclickclickclick. JUST CALL THE DAMN PERSON IF YOU HAVE THAT MUCH TO SAY. WHYYYY must people hold CONVERSATIONS over text messages? And people are all like, "Oh, you just have to learn to use short-hand"..... No, thanks, I'll type like a fucking educated person, actually. How are the Xperia Android phones? I wanted the PLAY, but it's expensive. And is anyone capable of giving me one good reason to buy an iPhone BESIDES Siri?
  20. Your continued racism is totally unacceptable. Come back after your 1-month suspension if you fancy being a positive member of this community. Otherwise, go away. Bazinga! And I take drugs very serious. Because they are very serious things. I mean, they've saved lives, destroyed lives, created lives, ended lives, etc. That's, uh, rather serious. And I've been down the dark and ugly road of drugs. I've come face to face with HEAVY addicts, with seemingly incurable addictions. I've had to physically stop someone from unintentionally killing themselves, being far from sober myself. Do I hold myself in high regard when it comes to this area of discussion? I sure as hell do. I've also spent countless sleepless nights researching the hell out of this subject. Picking apart the vast amount of information on the internet and deciphering fact from fiction is a hefty task in almost any topic. But it's damn near hell in the area of drugs. But chemistry is my passion, so I find the research, the studies, the information both good and bad, all to be beyond fascinating. Indescribably.
  21. That is most definitely the single most vague post I have ever seen Pretty sure that's some sort of record. Naaaah, not around here. I think we've had posts like, "So, we're going to fix shit, and improve shit, yo. We're getting rid of spammers, too..... Eventually....." I have been in every position around here from BANNED, to Admin. Mod, super mod, forum mod, gang leader. I've been it all, I've seen it all. Fuck it feels good to be a gangster.
  22. You know what? I'm not done yet. I'm curious to know what you believe to be harder drugs? Everything that isn't cannabis? I don't believe anyone who has not had personal experience with the hallucinogens should ever try to understand or form an opinion on them. Psychedelics have made quite some progress in helping us understand and treat a range of unpredictable, inexplicable mental disorders. Yes, I've seen people FUCK themselves up on hallucinogens of all sorts, but it was almost always the same story. Either they were simply trying to get as fucked up as possible, or they wanted to drive themselves insane to excuse them from life responsibilities. No matter what you believe hallucinogens to be or do, how you believe the effects come about, or what any of it even means..... The point still remains, there has been plenty of positive outcomes to believe that there is potential there. Potential for something great.
  23. First and foremost, the gateway drug theory is mostly BS. Part of the problem with the gateway aspect? It's legal status, and the exceedingly false information passed around about it. Knowing one person react one way is no proof that people can habitually ingest cannabis and live a "normal" life. Knowing a larger amount of people who DON'T fit the stereotype? Decent proof, if you ask me. Well, at least, better proof than most people can come up with to support cannabis being some dangerous substance. It does not kill brain cells, as rather commonly cited. The study that "proved" that, had monkeys attached to gas-masks inhaling massive amounts of cannabis smoke. The cannabis didn't kill the brain cells, the massive loss of oxygen is what did it. I'm kind of perplexed at how people can deny the medicinal uses with such a large amount of people who use it to treat a decent range of health problems. Pain, appetite, mood, sleep, etc. Yes, we have pharmaceuticals for all of these, but you don't seem to know a whole lot about pharmaceuticals and lab-made chemicals. A majority of them do not exist in nature, any where, in any form. Maybe small parts of naturally-occurring chemicals, but that doesn't mean they are as safe as these chemicals. Hell, a few perfectly safe chemicals mixed can become very unsafe! Of course you can talk about smoking being bad. But we all know that. You don't have to smoke cannabis to enjoy it's benefits((whatever the reason you use it)). You can vaporize it, cook with it, or even soak it in that alcohol you speak of, and make a tincture. Baked goods, candies, drinks, smokes, vapors, topical cream/lotion, etc. It's decently versatile. And I won't even get into the industrial part of hemp. With all the uses it has, the products it can/could make, the jobs it'd create, the companies and markets that would flourish.... Where is the greed at? I've always seen humans as blinded by the damn money.
  24. So GTA V is in final development? Ummm... wth? It's only just been announced, what date is MP3? I doubt we know that yet, but we do know a lot has been done already, the trailer didn't exactly look lacking or unpolished.
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