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  1. I've got one for HD movies, but I play my games on just a regular ol' TV (19" I think...). What I was thinking of getting was a $200 or so LCD monitor, I'd hook up the 360 to that and play it on there instead of on my current TV. Most of them give you an HD picture BTW (at least all of the ones I'm looking at do...).
  2. Best Fucking Wrestler Ever: Me and my brother used to watch it non-stop when it used to be great, I remember all of those guys. They ruined it, I mean seriously, its just "[American Name] VS [American Name]", it used to be like, "Goldust VS Hitman", it used to be fun to watch. My brother turned it on a few weeks ago and started watching again, I kind of watch too, but I did see a large portion of the Anniversary Special, it was good. I especially liked seeing all the old guys like the Million Dollar Man. I also saw Razor Ramone's picture and it reminded me of how awesome he, and the WWF (when it was called that) used to be. :[
  3. LOL, games are never sold out. There has never been one occasion where I haven't been able to find a game on day-one. I remember everyone going nuts saying I wouldn't be able to find Halo 3 on September 25th anywhere. I walked into Best Buy, and they had at least 50 of the regular, 10 of the super-special, and probably around 50 of the special edition one. You'll be able to find this game without much effort as well. However, some places do offer things if you pre-order. I remember I pre-ordered San Andreas and got it slightly early (could have been a fuck up on GameStop's part though).
  4. I never liked the band that much at all, but I gotta' admit, they did a lot for rock with just that one album. "Came in, fucked things up, and left."
  5. Everyone go ahead and add me: Be sure to send me a message saying who you are from this site if you do, unless its completely obvious. I don't have Xbox Live right now, but I'll probably get it soon since I saved $10 on Saints Row, I only need about $10 more and I can get a 3 month for now.
  6. Saints Row is a great game, very fun. When I played online at my friend's house, it wasn't laggy at all, it was extremely fun. I got to play on the one map thats a stadium, and the one thats a parking garage. Maybe we'll play sometime (whenever I get Live again).
  7. I didn't feel like it was worthy of its own topic, but I just want to say that you can get Saint's Row for $20 ($10 cheaper than normal price) at Best Buy from now until Saturday I believe. I just picked up my copy, they had about 10 of them, all were Platinum Hits except for one, but that one was all dirty and what not, so I ended up with a silver one. I'll probably be picking up some Xbox Live soon as well, can't wait to play it online!
  8. Shenmue On eBay (Dreamcast) Shenmue II On eBay (Xbox) Excellent games, but you really need to play the first one. Don't even bother if you haven't, you'll have no clue whats going on at all.
  9. Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future Psychonauts Shenmue II (only if you've played the first one) PS2: Shadow Of The Colossus Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Vice City Stories Okami
  10. Wow! We are getting so many new screenshots and news stories lately, its unbelievable! Four new screenshots have surfaced, some of you may have already seen them at a lower res in our gallery, but these ones are better hi-res versions. Regardless, for the people who haven't seen them, here they are:
  11. There hasn't been a storyline guide yet on TGTAP, and what happened to our SA one? Haha, no idea! We'll do the SA one for GTAPlayer eventually, and I mean, I'm just guessing that TGTAP will get one for GTA4 right? :/
  12. Thanks for the insight. I understand the languages are similar which is why I asked in the first place, but basically Niko is most likely a Serb (which was my guess once we found he wasn't Russian ) based on the fact that we believe 'Zdravo bracaru' is a Serbian phrase... hmm... still, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever, it's just nice to know a little more about the protagonist. So maybe he is Serb, well he's probably Serb... but there's still a chance he's not... maybe mixed heritage like yourself and knows a couple of languages and decided to use that one... I digress... Yep. "Zravo" means "Hello", "bracaru" means "brother". I honestly didn't even notice that he was speaking Serbian until I read that comment! And as d0gz1lla said, the Serbian and the Russian language is extremely similar. The alphabet is only about 5 or so letters different, but the reason I believe Niko is Serbian is because of his last name, "Belic". That is a Serbian name, I'm almost 100% sure of it. Russian names often end in "ov". Where as just about every Serbian name ends with "ic" (pronounced "E-CH"). "Niko" is basically the Serbian equivalent to "Nick" I believe. The full name is "Nikola", as in the Serbian inventor, "Nikola Tesla".
  13. I'll probably beat the game quick. I usually get so attached to the GTA storylines, to the point where I can't stop until I've finished the game. Plus Chris might need some help with a guide or something since it'd be way to much work for one person.
  14. "The old country"... Sounds just like a Serb! (You guys have no idea how many times I've heard that!)
  15. Is Resistance's online any good? I'd play it with you guys if we made a huge TGTAP party or something. I don't have a microphone for my PS3 though...
  16. Put supporting details or GTFO my forums, dick. Its the U.S that is going around in the middle east starting shit. Is that good enough reason? Theres many reasons why the U.S is in the middle east, some say they are there for Oil. The U.S says its there to stop Al Qaeda and other Terrorist Organizations, and countries that can cause the world warm with nuclear weapons. Yeah, the problem is you can't just "stop" terrorism or terrorist organizations to be honest, just like how you can "stop" drugs. No matter what you do, they'll be there. They're fighting a never-ending war over there. Even if they completely stop Al Qaeda, another organization exactly like it will pop up.
  17. It has to do with parking. If you park with your car facing out (with the back of your car facing the front of the car behind you) so you could just pull out quickly, well then a cop strolling by couldn't see your license plate could he? It would be on the back, which wouldn't be visible due to the way you parked. Thats why they used to have them on both sides, as far as I know. No one really puts a license plate on the front anymore, at least I don't see it. The stupid cunts are too lazy to walk around the back of the car? Wow.... Oh, really. Which piece of artwork on the SA box art looks like it could be CJ? Dude with the bandana over his face. Well I suppose they used to be. My uncle once told me some cop who was an enormous ass gave him a ticket for not having a plate on the front as well back a while ago (years ago). I guess they eased up now...
  18. Thats actually the first thing I'd do, Gerard. I'd travel back in time and give Phil Collins his own album and say, "Dude, just copy it, no ones heard it..." Then everything would blow up and all matter would just vanish because I gave Phil Collins his own CD from the future. Sounds awesome. Edit: While we're talking about time travel, I feel this needs to be said: "Where we're going, we don't need roads..." (Back 2 The Future FTW)
  19. Just saw this topic and wanted to let everyone know, I was flipping though the latest GameInformer issue while at Barns & Nobel's earlier today and they had a preview of Saint's Row 2 with around 5-8 screenshots. I didn't read much of it, but one of the screens had a guy surfing on top of a car (just imagine a guy on a surfboard, in normal clothing, only the surfboard is a car), the caption said that "car surfing" would be an activity in the game. If your interested in the game, go pick up the latest GI. It has "Ghost Busters" on the cover of it. On a side note, Saint's Row is only $29.99 now and I'm thinking about picking it up. I can't decide, that or Dead Rising. :S
  20. Why would you make this topic? I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but nobody gives a flying shit. If you needed to contact Mr Llama Llama about your signature then you could have easily sent him a PM for that. I honestly think we should start warning people for making these topics, they never leave, they always come back in a week. So let them have a warning for it.
  21. I hope they forget the whole dating thing and don't have it in the game at all. Niko looks like a guy who's got bigger problems than women troubles.
  22. It has to do with parking. If you park with your car facing out (with the back of your car facing the front of the car behind you) so you could just pull out quickly, well then a cop strolling by couldn't see your license plate could he? It would be on the back, which wouldn't be visible due to the way you parked. Thats why they used to have them on both sides, as far as I know. No one really puts a license plate on the front anymore, at least I don't see it.
  23. I counted four. Look at one of the people fighting inside the air-lift thingy.
  24. The PlayStation Store is updated every Thursday, and December 6th (the day the third trailer is released) is also a Thursday. Now, if they updated the Store to early in the mourning and the trailer hasn't been released on the internet just yet, you might have to wait until the 13th of December to get it from the Store, but if they updated the PlayStation Store after the trailer is released on the same day, then chances are it'll be on the PS Store a little bit after its out on the internet. But I'm guessing they planned it out so that they release the trailer on a Thursday and it goes up on PS Store the same day. The Xbox Live Marketplace, however, is updated when ever they feel like it, so content could go up any day of the week, at any time, etc. So for the trailer on the XL Marketplace, it'll probably be up there a few hours or so after its released on the internet. Rockstar might also release a new theme and gamerpictures for the third trailer like they did for the second.
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