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  1. new tank, but the patriot from VC without that large exhaust. FCR-900 also and turismo and bullet
  2. hard rock and heavy metal. manowar, iron maiden, helloween, metallica and gamma ray
  3. Seems to me that the vice city is missing.
  4. they definetely need some lifelike animations for gta but as long as they don't completely change graphics and physycs engine, it's gonna suck.
  5. I found out that it really matters in which lines do you drive along the runway in this mission. To easily get on the plane, go forward and take the slight turn left, and go near the jeep (you'll see a man running in front of you and trying to shoot you). Don't drive over him, drive slightly right of him, just enough so you don't touch him. Then, continue forwards and start slightly lining up behind the plane and get in the line with the left wing, as close to the entrance as possible and wait for the barrels to fall out, then take the left turn (not too hard, it'll end up in losing speed) and get on the plane. you have a few seconds before another barrels start falling out, so get aboard as soon as you get chance. Don't try to weave the barrels. I have maxed bike skill and still you will either lose control or fall from the bike if these barrels even touch you. And also no leaning forward crap. It's just about how fast you line up the bike behind the left planes wing.
  6. Completed the mission today. I tried to fly straight forward to the ocean and then back over the ocean, the mission is very easy actually. I also completed the "super-hard" freefall which is, I would say, twice easyer than N.O.E. which was already easy when using the ocean route.
  7. tyler just cared about the post count. read some of his posts (and there are a lot of them). they have completely no sense and are pointless. read CJ's apperance topic for example. he had to answer everybody about his CJ, it doesn't mind when he first says that he likes boots, then he prefers sneakers, then he likes cornow, then he hates cornow... n00000000b never liked the guy anyway I knew he'll get banned rom the moment he got 30 posts in one day. You simply CAN'T get 30 posts in one day unless the posts are total crap.
  8. bad luck maybe try to search your computer is there a copy of this file ad then replace it, or go to that location and maybe the file should be in the other folder so try putting it in some nearby folders. I had this folder thing that caused my antivirus software always find an error when preforming scan. actually, just some file wasn't place correcty, that's all.
  9. I have all golds in boat school and I've completed everything with 100% from the first try but I just can't get gold for the first test!!! What time do I excately have to beat to get gold? I have 9.6s and really can't get better than that. "parking" doesn't matter, damage is of course 0% and I read some internet boat school guides and they say that you need to get below 10s for gold. So could it possibly be a glitch or I'm just the bad sailor?
  10. I tried the missioon 2 times, 2 times failed but I think that it's really not that hard. Just because lot of people are lazy and quit at the beggining and then they ask for help makes this mission seem impossible. I always get close and then the plane reaches city, but the only reason is that I can't look backwards (I can but as I use joystick to fly, pressing num 3 isn't the easiest) and the only thing you have to do is simply turn the plane when you see it and then slow down a bit and let the plane go past you, then simply fly through the corona.
  11. I'm having problem with this mission too. I always get to angel pine and drop stuff but when I want to turn back, I always crash into a tree or rock or something... How to get to there, my advice is to fly forward until you reach the river and then go down the dam and fly under the briges, when you reach San Fierro fly over the airport, follow the highway and at the end, take a tight turn to the right and go between the rocks and trees and you'll see the red corona. fly through it to trigger the drop and then I don't know. probably crash into the tree lol
  12. I started dating katie and when you get killed, you spawn in front of her house with all the items you had and without any lost cash. I'm hoping to get 50% to unlock the hearse outside of her house. And actually, you don't have to date girlfriends for 100%, but you need for unlocking everything in the game
  13. desert was a big dissapointment for me 2. cmon, I expected the desert to be a desert, not a place that you can drive through in about a minute, that is smaller than san fierro, I expected it to be at least 3 times bigger (really), nothing but sand and rocks for miles along the horinzon, not making it look like smaller and a bit "hotter" badlands, and badlands were even too small to be, well, countryside. if you're making countryside, that should look like it, not like some LS suburb
  14. Well, in the begining, I was most impressed with that sims thing and small features like playing mini games on consoles, but later I forgot about all that, I maxed my muscle and stamina and now I eat 10 large portions every few days so I don't lose muscle when I run out of fat, clothing thing was also impressive for the first time, but later you see that it's really boooooooooooooooooring. Changing clothes takes a lot of time, shops don't sell anything normal to wear and I was really hoping to see more clothes, not 2 watches and 2 pieces of jewlery in every shop...... ................you get the point now, I thing that the best things are that whole experience system (but they also lack in some things) and the ability to use stealh approach (CJ is of course faaaaaaaaar away from 47, but that's totaly different)
  15. blue tracksuit, no shirt, sneakers, blue cap, gold cuban chain, gold watch, max muscle, tattoes on every possible place and blond cornow cut.
  16. I've had the same problem with GTAIII, but I was able to play it. Display was defected, it had dark screen (like it's always foggy night-imagine then real foggy nights then ) and textures were very bad quality, effects even worse (the smoke that appears when shooting out of a pistol resulted in almost completely black screen and the game was running 2X slower than normal, but I got used to it and kept playing and once it just fixed itself to normal display and speed and text re-appeared again. later, when I again installed it, it had the same problem, I re-installed it then and everything was working normal. try re-installing the game, and if it's still notworking properly, it might be that you have unsupported hardware or you need new drivers, or maybe the DVD was damaged
  17. for all other hidden stuff in the game, they probably put it to give modders something to do, but I really don't understand that whole hot coffe affair . I mean, they've probably knew that someone will find hot coffe in the game, but it's really not their fault. hot coffe mod was third party, so R* is not responsible for it. jack thompson and hillary clinton were those who sued R*, and if they didn't do it, it wouldn't probably be nothing!
  18. yes, I think about comparing it with SA. Cmon, we were happy with that non-realism when the GTA3 came out, and now we want to turn GTA into Sims
  19. How can I give flowers (or dildos) to girlfriend? It's PC version btw.
  20. what cd have you lost? cd 2? have you installed the game on your pc? what's the problem with radio stations. they have to be in .adf format. if you want to convert it to mp3 you can download adf to mp3 converter from downloads database. could you at least post what's the real problem???
  21. for me GTA VC was the best GTA game made and still is. the only bad thing about is there is no god damn swimming
  22. maybe it will be just the gta3 thing. you can use dodo to drive around and maybe fly over a few cars but not to really fly. when I saw "you flew for 4 seconds" I knew that there won't be flying possible.
  23. just one thing about realism. remember GTA3
  24. still think that we should first know the title name, some game features, possible release dates and then boxart after the first creenshots from the game.
  25. 1.dumb cops make gta gta. trust me. you surely woudn't like for example that after reaching 4 stars SWAT snipers fire at you and kill you from the first try. 2.I really don't know what you mean. what about 6 stars? more or less stars or something other? 3.hidden packages were there from gta2 and they're classic feature in gta games. you can't remove that! it's like removing the ability to jack cars 4.I agree with this one. some missions like demolition man and supply lines were really annoying and pointless, but bombs away was my favourite and new model army seemed to me like a good idea, maybe the ability to play RC battles in GTA4 for cash
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