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  1. It's like downloading all the mods yourself but this big one here saves all your trouble! Im gonna try it out soon. Screenshots looks promising
  2. I think thats what the patches are for. But that would make the new version out of game. I dont know nothing much about beta version. Only about the cool shirt. What was so different in beta than in new version?
  3. Joonas


    NO WE DONT! I ate all of them! No cookies LSPD sorry. But we have pies =D
  4. Joonas


    Welcome to the greatest forums! Enjoy your stay! Cop guy =P
  5. You really do need to get a life....... When a guy plays SA and he goes to sleep right after playing it and he thinks about something in it then he will probably dream about SA. Nothing that would be connected to no lifing. Its an insult with no reason exept if he wants to be a no lifer =P. But ive heard about the chansaw guy and been in the farm but nothing happened. Im sure its a rumor and psycho guy is just an unused texture...
  6. Seems promising. Hope you will make it. I cant be a voice actor sorry but all support it =D
  7. Poor you. I'm really sorry for you. You miss a lot. And 888ball too =P
  8. Liek umm is there any better modder on this planet that can make better mods? I dont think so. JVT is my fave 4 life. I cant believe how great his cars are. And silent viper makes perfect weapons. Isnt that great that we have superb people?
  9. Did you have any mods installed? I had a lamborghini mod and the lambo was parked in SF garage with a transfender spoiler and when i went to the garage my savegame crashed. By the way I reinstalled SA but thats almost the same. If it don't help i have no ideas left...
  10. Lol it will stay here anyway. Copy - paste it for yourself if you dont want to lose it.
  11. Sorry for double post but here is the new load of piccies! That was the last one! See you next time!
  12. Hes almost as good as me =D I didn't like it much either but I say it takes some practice to fly upside down under a bridge and then thru trees and such... 2/5 from me
  13. Mine is admiral or sentinel XS. I hate tank
  14. we love to call eachother n00bs with my friends for fun. its a 'psychogay' humor sense or how u call it when u make pointless jokes all the time and sometimes you don't notice and sometimes you start laughing... i have 2 friends totally that 'n00b' and its just who they are. and you say others are n00bs while u losing every game yourself and such. hes either gay or like me and my friends
  15. here ya go teler. http://www.thegtaplace.com/pafiledb.php?ac...download&id=516 . and then teleport yeself sumwhere underground with it. But I haven't been attacked it farm either. I checked out the whole place but noone coming 2 kill me... weird
  16. Hes the best there ever was! I have NEVER seen so great weapons in my life! lol. I love the air land assault pack weapons and glocks and metal shotgun man im telling you hes the BEST!!!
  17. K things is on and I made the logo and main splash screen awhile ago but forgot 2 post it here so here it is. Btw all guys who are taking part of this project could upload pics of their thingys here =) (The list of people taking part may not be complete) Here are some more pics of the mod (The pictures are not captured by me)
  18. Respect and fame i think =D. Im not doing it cause of the lack of my microphone quality but I dont really think you will get something for it
  19. Camtasia pwns fraps sooooo hard =) But my SA is still laggy with smallest resolution and all possible lowest graphix... Heres the link for camtasia: http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasiatrial.asp
  20. I will edit it to Downtown in a minute. And oh actually I have a secret trick to 'convert' them to good quality. See if I do a picture ingame with 1280x1024 resolution and convert it to 800x650 then the quality will improve A LOT. I turned your picture into good quality too with my editing =P Its called scriptina and it's best font on the site where I downloaded it (www.1001fonts.com) and its a free font too. Heres the exact link: http://www.1001fonts.com/fonts/download/script_tt1.zip Also I did a funny pic in my style. Yup, a woman drving =) lol
  21. You didn't tell to them its gta4 wishlist like they'd be on topic and I did only one simple post and you call it useless off topic blablabla (at least thats what you mean) Oh and to not be off topic I'd like NFSMW chases, no police helis and wanted basics (better car collisiion, bigger map, better physics, smarter cops....) I found an undercover way to be on topic
  22. Anyways I found some more old shots and did small effects with them and here they are.
  23. Yeah you're right but it all started from an rule - Not bumping old pics and the thing I said "misundaztood" once now the mods hate me. But people are cool around here EDIT: I bet I'll get warned again
  24. 2 day no GTA? That seriously sucks and i hate til end of my life! Lol just kidding. But the idea still sucks way hard =P I think there should be a thingy that u cant reload the game when ur busted. I mean to not esc to main menu and then load game =P
  25. Its so F**KING S**T!!! I get warned by going offtopic look what up here!!! GOSH! Admins have something against me personally i can smell it...
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