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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Hey, what's up. We Haven't talked in ages.

  2. You spelt "Legend" wrong.

  3. Lol, eventually, i said something that isn't Brazilian Portuguese.

  4. an early Feliz aniversário! (I don't know if that's European Portuguese or american portuguese)

  5. Lol, come on MSn. Need to talk again, not about the site this time though.

  6. Hullo, just curious, is the verb 'haver' in portuguese 'to exist' or 'to have'?

  7. Lol @ your comment in my profile and Lol @ sky

  8. None right now. I haven't installed any MP mods yet.

  9. No, i don't want to now. I prefer SAMP.

  10. Lol... Your tired? I have been up all night and it is 6:30 am.

  11. SN? Lol wut.

  12. MSN? To finish of that convo we had earlier?

  13. Oh, I remember, you were in Hucks gang :P

  14. I always thought you were :P

  15. Lol. It was probably when you were in Ices gang.

  16. Lol, come on MSN...

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. it doesn't really matter to be honest.

  19. Try this (She's working on her sites domain name so our original address might not work) http://gtanetwork.co.uk/phpbb/index.php

  20. Nah, my mums doing something with our server.

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