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Least Favourite Mission


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I just can't stand missions that fail to explain "uh Why am I doing this again?". Like the first one that hit me like that was "Running Dog" that mission was just a tutorial on how to jump, run and sprint. The lack of plot was stupid. Smoke beats down one Vago and you are made to chase the other? Why what did he do to you? Same with all of Big Smoke missions. Have you ever noticed that ALL the Smoke missions are chases?

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I hate dat mission u do with Big Smoke dat u have to follow the train in a Sanchez while Smoke do the shooting.

I think its "running dog" the name, dont remember.

Damm, dat mission sux a lot!

"Follow dat train CJ!"

Fat bastard! :D

Haha, I'm not too fond of that mission either. Lots of times I hit the train instead of the guys on top. Annoys the hell outa me.

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The Da Nang Thang: Because I kept getting killed by the rail / fence of doom bug when exiting the cabin. Last time I played I had to re-do that mission 5 times just cause of this.

Amphibious Assault the right way: Cause it takes just too much fuckin' time and for what? I only tried it the right way once, after that, I always took a helicopter on that mission.

Toreno's Last Flight: Because I hate Rocket Launchers. This mission is barrels of fun with the CLEO manual drive by mod and a NRG-500 though.

Mike Toreno: Cause ether T-Bone or the Nams kept blowing up the damn van.

Apart from these, which I don't totally hate, I like pretty much all of GTA SA's missions and sub missions...

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Lot of Zero hatin' in this thread.

I really despised any missions that did not let a player take out the enemy(ies) until a predetermined time. Like that OG Loc one when you have to drive the motorcycle all over Los Santos while Loc feebly attempts to shoot at the target. Better still is the fact that the target can shoot a player full of holes while aiming backwards AND zigzagging through everything and everything without crashing at an insane speed. Just borderline silly really. I am sure that there were more like that, but this one is just ridiculous.

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