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Problem with those are that the screenshots from the GTA III and Vice City are gameplay screenshots and the Vice City screenshot may look a little dark because Tommy's standing in front of some building (Not the SWAT Van) and the San Andreas screenshot isn't gameplay but regardless, the GTA IV graphics look beautiful.

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They do look good, however does anybody else think the lighting is a little "too" golden? Reminds me an awful lot of saints row. Also, the graphics on that church in the trailer were....abismal at best. I hope it's still in Beta stage. However saying that, if it is (and I do honestly believe we've had this late trailer because the game still needs some work).....7 months isn't very long to get it all ready to ship out.

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The top screenshot is from gta 3 and the bottom screenshot is from gta IV.

Oh right ok, i thought the top one was GTA IV and the bottom one was GTA 3. :D

Kind of obvious the bottom one was GTA IV but I'm taking the joke too far now so I'm going to stop.

GTA: 3, theres a lot of difference, you don't notice till you see them both. They've really come a long way haven't they.

I remember when I was small and was in the UK, I went to go look in a game shop (Of course I had heard of GTA 2 and GTA 1 but I had never played them and thought the games were crap.) and I saw a new game called GTA 3. Picked it up, looked at the back and went "Wow!" and ran off to go tell my brother like the little boy I was ^_^.

Ever since that moment I have been pretty much obsessed on GTA, I have never owned a computer version for any of the GTA series because i only played it on the PS2/PSP, but I am getting SA for my birthday and can't wait to do the multiplayer etc.

So yes, they've come a LONG way. Did you ever think they would end up like this? One of the most popular games on the planet? And it was all based on a small 2D game..

Oh damn, I just noticed I went kind of off topic then.. Sorry!

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Whilst the graphics of GTA4 are mind blowing, I don't think it's really a fair comparison to the GTAs on the PS2/XBOX. (Graphics wise)

Can't believe how far this series has come, in the graphics department, from a less known top down action game, 10 years ago, into one of the most popular series of games, in the world.

I never thought 10 years after playing GTA1, would it have come this far.

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Wow... I mean did you see those graphics they were amazing compared to the past GTA's

Well, a new graphics engine will do that. GTA3, VC, and SA use the shitty Renderware engine. It's so incredibly bad...I'm surprised Rockstar made such great games using that engine.

But now that they have an in-house engine, we should see official modding tools for the PC version!

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