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Pirates of the caribean 3

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Well yeah man, pirate movies can be quite interesting to watch sometimes, but I haven't really payed that much attention to the last Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but I have the first one on DVD, but I haven't watched it yet, I might do that someday. If it's good, then maybe I might go and see it, or I'll buy it when it's out on DVD.

Here's the trailer, seems fun you know.

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Yeah, I'm gonna go see it it looks good and like a fun movie. Loved the first two so this one should be good. There are a lot of 3rd sequels coming out in May; POTC3, Shrek 3 and of course Spidey 3 :P. Can't wait!

Ya, pretty good cawinkadink...

I'll probably see all of these in theaters anyway. Sorta have to with the pack of school friends. That's what I mostly liek about going to movies. Hango out with friends and movie hopping :P

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Never seen a pirates of the caribean movies. Maybe is should watch that.

No, maybe you should watch the first two first.

Im surely gonna watch it!!!

The first movie waz SUPERB!!!

The OKAY!!!.....watch it only thrice coz JAck sparrow dies in the end!!!!

well gotta see the 3rd part!! hope he returns!!!

Jack doesn't die...... And yes he's in the third movie....

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