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Except for the fact that Eb Games aren't such anal-asses as Kmart.

You have to guess mine. It's two digits, end with a two. Guess the starting number.

Keep in mind I know HTML, VB, C+, created and maintain Adult Swim Central.com, write fanscripts for The Leela Zone (leelazone.com.ar) and have many bloody games, like every GTA, Halo 1 & 2, Half Life 2, State of Emergancy, I use many complicated terms, know much about life, and drink coffee. I'm _2. Most people will say 22. You're wrong.

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15 turning 16 next July :mellow:

*looks at chris82's sig*

git ¬_¬ *is jealous*


Well, I had 1 gig of ram in two sticks-512MB each. 512 came with the machine, as did a lower processor and a smaller HD. But I had to take out one stick yesterday because it was having problems. CompUSA is fixin' it up right now. But I envy those with a 3.8Ghz P4 or a 64-bit processor. Can you say 15 Grand?

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