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I'm pretty sure there won't be any desert/country side because R* said the map'll be smaller than SA ( Only NY and New Jerz) but with a lot of more details. And btw, I'm from Quebec, but, aint it only water who seperates these 2 states ? Where's the need for country-side ? :rolleyes:

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What's the point of this thread? Rockstar have confirmed in multiple previews that there is to be NO countryside in GTAIV, that it's a massive sprawling city with a lot more height than in previous games, end of story.

the topic is about "should there be country side" and not "is there countryside"

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Hopefully R* would consider adding some countryside at the last minute. It was a nice and sort of refreshing transition when they did it in SA, when you go from one city to another.

They aren't going to change the MAP at the last minute. That isn't a "last minute change".

Depends, does New York have country side? I want it to be a realistic resemblance, not a town with locations from around the globe.

there is a SORTOF countryside. its not like redneck town or anything but it has a bunch of trees and stuff.

In New York? Yeah... The STATE of New York. If I'm not mistaken, GTA IV is only the city. And some Jersey.

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