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What's in a name?


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My first name is Matt, and I am an AutoCAD draftsman. Hence, draftermatt.

My avatar at the moment is the logo for my favorite sports teams, The Baltimore Orioles.

My sig line is a quote from my favorite comedian, and I have a habit of being impatient. So I use that quote as a reminder to myself, and to everyone really, to slow down.

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DareDevilX.....sooo not original and I hate it. <_<

But still I kinda like it on some strange way. :rolleyes:

Anyway here's the story:

I founded tgtap while I was surfing the net and downloaded stunt video Blood Brothers by ZeroX.

I instantly decided to make my first video and I obviously needed a good (or bad) nick first.

First I came up with Chase but it's kinda retarded so I have chosen Devil.

That sounded kinda plain to me so I added X like ZeroX did.DevilX was born.

Still I wasn't pleased and I remembered myfavorite comic books character Daredevil and made DDevilX

which I again renamed to DareDevilX.That's it. :huh:

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Tommy Montana: The name that I was called back in GangsOfGta and Gta-Ultra since I was in The Montana Crime Family as the Capo. The 'Montana' was originated from the Movie Scarface that I watched many times back in the past.

My Avatar shows that I love the Need For Speed Series, all the way from the start.

My Signatures are typically based on The gang I joined in, and thats LCF and the Mini signature which is a affiliate is a site me and my friend run.

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Little Chestnut is the name a friend of mine gave me when we were still talking to each other ... I am assuming that he was talking about my hair color. Since I have been back on Orange Anime I have decided to start going by that name once again. It is much more fitting than Keruri was.

I guess I will also mention, since everyone else is, my sig and avatar are from a picture that sort of looks like me and resembles me.

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Ow forgot.

Avatar: Just some DS stuff. Dragon with some oriental themed background.

Sig: DS banner cause I'm in the DS, duh.

Wii sale bar cause I support Wii in the console war and it's suppossed to show how Nintendo is raping Sony in sales.

Userbar 1 cause I'm a pretty big Crysis fan and can't wait for the game. Userbar 2 cause I'm kinda hate FF2 and IE7 works perfectly for me; never have had a problem with it.

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Name: Oskar because my first name is Oskar

Avvy: I love the O rly, Ya rly, No wai!, Srsly quotes. So I animated 'em into one avatar.

Sig: A proud member of Dragon Stealths and Poland is my country. And a funny quote from AwesomeFuck, Googlepro, Googlepro 2, Ram the dumb 2 and Carslberg.

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I play violent games a lot (POP, Halo, COD, FarCry, etc) so this name seemed acceptable when I had to fill the nickname field in the beginning of these games, i dont bother writing my nickname here cause im not going to change it... ever.

Av - the funnier the better, This one I made myself B) i love Nibbler (from futurama btw) :lol: he's so cute

Sig - Im a member of Vm so.. And user bars reflect my interests.

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my name killa killer, took all my brainpower to make up.

every had to make up an user names in a time limit?

i burnt out my little bulb.

i was playing soldier front and i screwed up my account so i had to make up a new one and fast.

my original one was forget me knot, cause i didn't want anyone to forget me when they'd been stealth killed from behind.

then cause i was such a killa killer that what my freind started calling me (he's more of nerd than me) i thought it was fitting.

and then on here i thought may as well keep my name to save confsion.

I could change my name to Aubs cause my real name is aubrey (scotish, family war hero name)

but then people wouldn't remember me.

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King Goliath Wu Zi Mu: ummm well i love the story of David Vs Goliath

Wu Zi Mu: Well i like the character from San Andreas, obviously

K9 Krew: This is the name of my gang/group/hood in Perth.

Hey you from Perth too?

Couldn't think of a name, use to be wackyfunsuperslide. It means it's a really fun slide.

I'm just a wacky slide...lol much?

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