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Burnout thread


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M'bike tyres are too expensive for me, and the front pads are looking a little thin, and i lacking a clutch lever bobble, which means it'll probably fly from under me, and the tyres, i don't want to ruin anyway.

Plus the fairing costs near to 300 quid for a whole new set if the bike does go from under me, so i'll give this a miss.

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Haha, nice. You plan on putting something bigger in there or getting something new?

Ah, it's junk. I wish it looked as nice as it did in that picture. It's been through hell the last few months. After the motor blew my buddy that picked me up thought it would be funny to bump a side panel with his truck. <_< Besides, theres a bunch of other problems with it. Probably put it up on blocks. :P

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I've got a funny burnout story from last night....

It started with me, benno and megz going into the city to buy some music and the weather was awful it was pouring down with rain, and benno seemed to fly around every corner as fast as he can to get some drift going, so at a hairpin turn he did this going about 75 km/h(i think its about 30 miles) and there was a a crowd of people waiting outside a store watching us, so as we flew into this sharp turn benno locked up the back tryes and went for it, unfortunatly the weather took us too far out causing us to spin out and look like idiots, but luckily the store was a gaming store and it was full of nerds, so they assumed that we were doing some awesome burnout.

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