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Bands that should fall apart


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Sugababes - What pisses me off about them is, they release some really shit song, and it gets played on the radio many times everyday, that's why I always keep a Metallica album spare in the car, just in case a shit song comes on. :P

Green Day had some great songs, but now, um, I couldn't really give a shit.

I agree with RaDi0N on emo music.

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The roling stones, they look like fucking zombies now, they should quit.

What the fuck is wrong with you ..they are the greatest rock n roll band of all time......they own all your bands.

Meh, I dunno about The Stones :mellow: . Sure, they're a classic. But on the other hand I'm not a fan of rock n roll grandpas (and grandmas) that (want to) get back on stage again just because their pockets got empty. Yeah, drugs, alcohol and parties cost. But you need to know when to retire. Gosh, I absolutely love and respect Bruce Springsteen, he's 58 now I think, not to mention he looks like he's still in his fourties. But take a look at Mick Jagger, he looks like he's 200.

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The Fray should break up, I fucking hate their songs in every way..

Metallica are one band that should never break up, they're there for a reason, even though they made ONE completely crap album, we can still give them a chance...:P Although, that complete crap album was actually 10x better than all the shit on the radio today anyway..:P

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And to Slayers post; Maiden still rock man the rolling stones are still doing there shit and they are grandpas why can't Maiden do it?

Well first, obviously I'm not a Maiden fan. They do have some great stuff, but when you take a look at their discography...I think they've had too much. Tbh, some albums are very obviously made just to promote a song or two. They have a million of different releases, from singles to live editions, I think they should stop. And on the other note, I was against (and still am) Rolling Stones reforming.

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