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Stunt Video Tutorial


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I have made a tutorial for those of you who are new to making videos. it is a step by step guide on how to capture stunts from your game and put them all into a video.

For this guide I was using Fraps 1.9d as the video capture program, i think it is one of the best programs available (for free). Fraps.com. Get version 1.9d not 2 becuase in version 2 the captures are watermarked with the fraps logo so your vid wont look good.

Click here to download Fraps 1.9D

Since the majority of users have Win XP we will use Windows Movie Maker in the tutorial.

Anyway here we go.

1. Open up Fraps and set the key to press to capture video, i use F9.

2. Start up GTA3/Vice City

This step is important: Go into the options of VC and change the screen resolution to 640x480, this is becuase Fraps' maximum resolution is 640x480, if you have VC's resolution any higher it will not capture the whole screen

Now start playing (you'll notice the frame rate in the corner). Do some decent stunts and press F1 to view a replay.

Press F9 (or whatever key you're using) when viewing it to record the stunt as a .avi on your comp (it will be saved in the directory you installed Fraps).

3. Repeat this many times until you have a sufficient amount of stunts to put together in a video.

4. Choose a decent song. You will use this as the background music. Open up Windows Movie Maker and put the song there.

You may also want to make some images to go at the start of the video as an intro. Add them too.

5. next you need to add the stunts you captured to it, cut them if you need to, and put them in any order you want. Hopefully there will be enough for it to go throughout the whole song.

6. When you think you have it already you need to save it. If its quite long you may want to save it at a lower quality becuase the file will be quite big. otherwise choose any quality you want.

When its saved you may want to Zip the file to make it smaller.

7. Now you just need to upload it somewhere. Find a suitable place (I might be able to host it) and give everyone the link.

Your done!

if i have missed anything or you need any more help, post below, also post your comments too :D

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cool, good idea to teach people the steps to making a stunt video.

i used fraps 1.9D for my first 3 videos but after starting up a crew and wanting to compete with other crews i really needed better quality on my videos. So I now use fraps 2.3.3 but I am getting 2.5.4 from a friend right now, version 2 and up allows you to record at a higher resolution therefore increasing the quality when u go to edit your movie.

Also, just a little hint for when making a stunt video, if u have saved clips with fraps that are say 640x480, do not render as 800x600 with hopes of getting better quality, try to render it as the same resolution as the original fraps clip or smaller resolution, it actualy makes it look terrible if u were to render a 640x480 clip at a resolution of 800x600, this is the reason i got fraps 2.3.3. In my stunt video animosity i captured the clips with fraps at a resolution of 800x600 and rendered as 640x480 with a peak bitrate of 2.5mbps and an average of 2mbps, if u have seen animosity than u will know it turned out pretty good quality ;) (IMO)

Well, good luck to anyone who decides to make a stunt video :thumbsup: i think it would be great to see more stunters around.

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