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GTA 4 PC version discussion


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I'm starting to lose faith in GTA IV for PC. Its coming to the end of June and we still have no news whatsoever.

I think what will happen now is either,

Never or Somewhere next year. I guess I'll have to wait for SR2 for a sandbox game.

Rockstar are becoming console whores, kissing Sony and Microsoft's ass.

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LOL have you tried manual aim with a joypad recently?

To be blunt, it fucking sucks compared to a mouse.

Maybe on your system, but I can't aim for shit on my PC! Then again, that's because I can hardly move my mouse because of the limited space this POS desk has, so that's my problem. But I still think pressing C to crouch is insane.

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Even if it was brought to pc, people would illegally download it and not pay the 50-60bucks

I'm guessing your reasoning behind that conclusion is "people don't want to pay for something they already own on another system". Right? If so, you neglected to consider the fact that there are actually people out there who only play games on PC and don't already own the game at all...

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Fea days ago ScottyC ( random guy ) emailed Rockstar and told them he has a GTA PC free demo and he thanked them for making the game such a great experience he got some interesting responses

Currently there isn\'t a PC release of GTA IV, especially not a free to download one.

... currently ...

The PC version of GTA IV has not even been announced for release and is still in development so is not about to be released on a website we have no knowledge of. Have you got another version of GTA? There are other versions that are available on-line, the list are below, could it be one?




GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

So it's still in development, the guy could just say it is not avaible but he sayed it's still in development ...

We have not yet officially released the game for the PC ...
We are unsure when the PC version of the game will be released as we are only technical support and do not receive information on the matter. I would suggest keeping an eye on www.rockstargames.com for any information.

:o :o

Here is the full conversation.

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