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You Know You Played To Much Video Games when......

tommy vercetti guy

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You Know You Played To Much Video Games when......

You Crash your car into smithereens and think it will respawn back in perfect condition - Burnout 3 Takedown

You jump down a cliff thinking u wont get hurt and dont know why ur in the hospital-Halo 2

You can talk but you dont- Half Life 2

Crash your car thinking it wont get damaged- NFS underground 2

Post ur sillies :ph34r:

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^ABOVE^ I like that Jason290 - only one that made me laugh (out loud).


You know you play too much video games when . . .

- You think you can kill thousands of people and only end up in a police station for 6hrs. (GTA)

- You get a fine for running a red light because you ignore them like the plague in GTA.

- Smash Physical objects thinking you'll get money. (Simpson Hit & Run)

- Jump off a cliff thinking u can open your helipack for a safe landing. (Ratchet & Clank)

- You can't close your eyelids because you've spent so long staring at the DAMN TV :bashhead:

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you keep wondering why you can't auto-target people -San Andreas

you map out your city like a GTA game.

you still can't comprehend the concept that you can enter a store WITHOUT having a yellow marker above it's door. -San Andreas

you go into a change-room at a shopping mall, and expect all the clothes you can buy in the store to magically appear out of thin air for you to try on. -San Andreas

That's all I got

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You Know You Played To Much Video Games when......

- you ride a bike off a building thinking you will just land with a bump and wont feel any pain

- you go to a car reapair shop bringing your can in mint condition, and yell at the people for not spraying your car for free

- you belive you will get muscles just lifting weights for 6 minutes

- you jump in water and dont know why your all sogging wet

- you shoot someone in the head and dont understand why the head doesent fall off

- you let your girlfriend slice your head off and think you will be alive, but will have no head, instead you will have a blood water fountain

- you sky dive into water

- you put your car into your garage and dont know why it doesent get fixed

- you blow up the van that is on your street, and dont know why it doesent spawn up

- yuo drive a broken car and dont know why the cops are giving a fine

- you run red lights

- you see stop sighs, street signs etc, and dont know what the mean

- you go to a driving school and dont know why you dont pass in 20 minutes

- you steal a plane and belive you learn how to fly it in less than 5 seconds

- you try and hop a barb wire fence

- you kill your girlfriend when she wants to marry you

- you try and enter area 51

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Here we go.... You know you do when,

You try to reload a gun by cocking it (GTA)

Try to touch a medical packadge to regain your health (GTA)

Shoot somone and wait for them to dissapeer (GTA)

You shoot at a car and wonder why there are bullet holes (GTA)

You try to drive off a cliff and hit the ground...and drive away (GTA)

Shoot a flame thrower at a building and wonder why it burned down (GTA:SA)

Let somone shoot you 8 times and expect to live...even if you are shot in the head (GTA)

Try to fly a jet because you got in and expect to know how to fly it (GTA:SA)

Try to take a saw to a person expecting them to not fall apart (GTA:VC,SA)

Try to drive a tank down main and expect no one to care (GTA)

Are afraid to jump into the water because your afraid you will die (GTA:VC)

Carry around a controller so you can type in codes that will heal you and get you out of a ticket (GTA)

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you know you played to much videogames when.....

you think you will respawn at a hospital after you die(Grand Theft Auto)

when you think you can put on the never wanted cheat and never get arrested(Grand Theft Auto)

when you think that you can use bullet-time to slow down everything(Max Payne)

when you think you can hit someone in the back with a sledgehammer and they wont get hurt(WWE)because WWE IS FFFFFFAAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when you start jumping down drain pipes thinking that you will come back out the other end(Super Mario Bros)

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