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What song reminds you of this Game?

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Cool Timers - Tonight (I believe that's it) on Lips 106 really reminds me of the city, the storyline, Toni, and the gangs with the part with "Anti-hero attitude trying to smash the system" which reminds me on Toni and "In the wrong part of town" and "City streets are clean tonight" and all that.

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For me, the one that stands out is 'Il Travatore - Anvil Chorus', you know, the classical song with all the chimes going off. That, and these ones:

Rudy La Fontaine - 'Funk In Time'

Method Man - 'All I need'.

@ Llama - Lips 106 - The Jackstars - 'Into Something (Come on, Get Down)'. I got it from the Wiki page - here.

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