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My Goodbye

Angry Gorilla

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I'm leaving this forum for a while, don't know how long I will be, hopefully not forever :lolbounce:

I'm moving home to England because my idiot brother and my mother said so, so I won't have any access to the internet for quite a few months, which is sad because I love this forum.

Lol I remember the good times (and some bad) and hope you remember what a great time we all had this year.

Okay now, my brother is about to disconnect the internet, gotta go now, or else I won't be able to finish.


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This 'Moving Thing' just happened to be a sick joke of Pwtrick, I getting home from school expecting to see his van full of my stuff, instead he told me he was playing about.

And he cancelled the internet to make things worse.

And mom played along to his joke, hoping to get me off the internet for a few weeks, AND Pwtrick hacked into my YouTube Account.

Oooooooo!!! I'm gonna KILL HIM!!!:pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred: :pissedred:

So please lock this dumb thread.

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