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GTA IV Box Art Unveiled, Trailer 3 Announced


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Finally some long awaited news on Grand Theft Auto IV. We had an email from the R* Webmaster today letting us know the official box art for GTA IV has now been revealed (see that below), and that we now have a date for the third trailer titled "Move up, ladies". Hitting your screens on 6th December at 3PM EST. Also below is a short clip of the box art being painted.


Link: Official GTA IV website

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Just saw this at another site, before here... (bookmarked directly to forums)

Looks good, though the boxart style remains the same... Hope the new trailer gives something away.

I'd just like to add there may be a few new screens floating around, some seem to be HQ's clipped from the trailers, but i'll upload the ones i didn't think i'd seen before here... ;)







Yeah, we've definitely seen some of those before....

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Two things, first & foremost The lettering on the side of the bike "NRG 900RR" :D I though the NRG 500 was fast so this new one should break the sound barrier.

Second thing is the cable car is in the exact same place as the Tram on the SA boxart, hopefully this doesn't mean they will be just as useless when it comes to the gameplay.

Can't wait for that new trailer.

I feel like Columbo now but, Just one last thing. Does any one else think that the boxart version of Niko looks a bit like Jason Statham (The Transporter)?

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