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What have we learnt from San Andreas?


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I learned alot of things from my Guru, San Andreas:

1.Never leave a ho' without a pimp. She will cry.

2.Don't ever trust cops that eat doughnats nor fat gangsters with green shirts.

3.The police don't give a shit if you sell weed and heroin to kids.

4.You CAN steal old ladies bikes.

And that is all, thank you for reading my lessons that i got from San Andreas:The Guru!!!

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I learned that I'm thankful the pilot who flys the plane I'm in is not doing it using an oversensitive joypad.

I also learned that life would be much different if I could drive into a spray paint shop and lose all police attention I had gathered from killing scores of people and blowing up several dozen vehicles with a rocket launcher.

I also learned that strippers actually wear clothing and there is no nudity even during a private lap dance that I paid $100 for.

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what i learned

* Once you die, you won't respawn infront of a hospital

* You can't make your weapons/guns disappear and make them magically come back in your hand

* You cant't type cheats to get away from cops.

* Stealing a car ain't easy without guns.

* Not eating for atleast 30 days might get you killed frome starving.

* It's Illegal to highjack a plane while its on mid-air.

* You can't get into Area 51 and get a jetpack.

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I have learned that the people at Rockstar have the impression that...

... helicopters crash up, not down, so that they can shoot me a few more times.

... RPGs blow up cars instantly, but not helicopters.

... helicopters have magic weapons underneath that can shot in all directions, including straight up and straight down.

... parts from an exploding vehicle should magically float through the air until they land right in front of me, or on top of me, just so they can block my next shot- no matter where I am are standing.

... every cop in the entire region of San Andreas should ignore all other gangs and criminals- except me.

... computer controlled vehicles should be faster and handle much better than player controlled ones.

... the ice age carved land masses that go straight up and straight down.

... people that are out to kill me should shoot first, say something, then spawn right behind me.

... knocked down street lights should not land flat because they make convenient obstacles for me but dandy hiding places for cops.

... cop vehicles should keep cruising along until they run me over or at least knock me down, even though the driver is deader than dead.

... that my blood pressure is not nearly as high when I mod GTA games instead of playing them.

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With the release of San Andreas and it's massive map with a deep story line which encounter issues we experience in reality, what has GTA San Andreas taught you as a whole? Example, the way CJ dates his girlfriends could change the way you look at dating when you step outside your front door, into the real world, or, that drugs are a real problem and you need to watch out for them when by your own. Anything like that.

We "LEARNED" about your lack of understanding of grammar and spelling

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I learned the following:

* It's really hard to get a nice car (once you've found one) back to your home. They just get smashed up or explode. :bashhead:

The pigs really aren't helping either. :thumbsdown:

* A dead body makes an amusing hood ornament. B)

* A brutha's got ta protect his 'hood.

If there's one thing i've learned from San Andreas, it's this:

Gaining a wanted level so high that the national guard are in pursuit of you is fun, and gives the opportunity to steal a tank and go on a murderous rampage smile.gif

Sounds like fun. :evil:

On of my favorite activities of the original is getting the uncontrollable urge to kill and then doing so until I'm dead

from running one to many road blocks or just Busted. :thumbsup:

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