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I thought about a few things related to vehicle modifying and racing.

1. You've probably customized your car and wanted to race with it and that wasn't possible. That feature from VC was probably removed because then you had time and opportunity to destroy all of the opponents' vehicles and then win the race easily. In SA however, you appeared in the car for that race 3 seconds before the start. Now, to be able to drive your own car and not to be able to destroy the opponents at the start and make an easy victory (you were still able to drive-by opponents while racing in SA), you select a race and get your vehicle to the starting grid and stop in the marker but this time you came first so you can't destroy any opponents. When you get in the marker, opponents come and 3,2,1 GO!

2. Import was unbeleveable stupid feature added to the game. It's called Grand Theft Auto, not Grand Buy Auto! You still export cars but this time, like in gta3, when you complete the list, various icons appear near the export point and you can spawn vehicles by picking up a pickup icon of that vehicle, and it's of course free. And also wouldn't mind more export locations like garages with their own export lists, not only one like in SA.

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I'd like to see more stuff to do with the army in GTA 4. There should be a large army base somewhere in the game, and you would constantly see army guys marching in ranks, shooting there guns, and stuff like that. You should also see army vehicles pulling out of there bases. Every so often the army guys should go out and march on the street. When you do something bad they should send in five trucks full of army guys. Then there would be five trucks chasing you and at least ten guys in each shooting at you. Also, if you have an eight star wanted level, all the army/cop cars should clear out and a bomber would go and bomb you. When you have eight wanted stars you automaticly know you will be bombed so you have to find shelter somewhere (like in a cave, or your safehouse.

This is how the wanted stars should go:

1 star- cops chase you down the street but give up easily

2 stars- a cop car will chase you for a while and it will be harder to get rid of

3 stars- 3 cop cars will chase you and they won't give up unless you give them a bribe or repaint your car

4 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you plus two helicopters (one cop, and one news)

5 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you, two helicopters, and a Patriot leading the cop cars

6 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you, two helicopters, two Patriots, and one tank following behind

7 stars- 5 cop cars will chase you, two helicopters, two Patriots, three tanks, and one Hunter will start shooting at your car

8 stars- All the cars will be cleared and a bomber will fly over your car and bomb the surrounding area + it will shoot you with it's guns

New weapons I'd like to see are:

-Paintball gun

-Beebee gun

-Scisors (sp)

-Sludge hammer

-Rope (strangle people)

-Brass knuckles with blades

-Pellet gun

-Rocks which you can throw at people

-Sword (not a katana)

New vehicles I'd like to see are:

-Bumper car

-Longer limos

-Hummer limo


-Horse carriges (sp)



-Military jets

-More military vehicles

Some random things I'd like to see in GTA 4 are:

-Set in 2006 Detroit/Windsor

-Lots of gangs

-Own buissnesses

-Use bombs to blow up things (but construction would rebuild it quickly)

-Start your own group by getting random peds, giving them guns, and your gang clothes

-Ability to customize your own gang tatoo/gang graffitti

-Customize motorcycles

-Own a car dealership and take them on test rides (like you did in Liberty City Stories)

-Have unlimited space (this way you can fly as high as you want, or go as far as you want)

-They should bring back our favorite songs from previous GTA's (at least 20) and put them all on a single radio station

the horses would probably be a problem because you just know someones gonna run around and just shoot horses :evil:

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My view of what I want to see in the next Grand Theft Auto is vast, so bear with me here.

I doubt its possible, but your character comes out of jail and builds a criminal empire, bigger and better than what you could do in Vice City. The tough part? Creating a smaller version of the united states- so you could run operations and scout out places in Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Vice City and Liberty City, but also add Carcer City? (Chicago), Name? (St. Louis), Name? (Houston), Name? (Seattle). Name? (Portland) Name? (Boston) Name? (Philadeplhpa), Name? (Atlanta) . It would be huge and I doubt its possible, but it would kick *ss if it was possible.....There would be about 5 states (1.Los santos, San fierro Las venturas = San andreas) (2.Portland, Seattle= State?Peter Sound maybe?) (3.Houston, St.Louis , Chicago(Carcer City?) = State?) (4.Vice city, Atlanta = State?) (5. Liberty city, Boston , Philladelphia = State?)

Now, your character's name is Shayne Maxwell, a guy from Portland sent to jail for a bank robbery where his old friend Justin and ex-girlfriend Jessica Pruett set him up. His ultimate goal is to wipe out Alex and Jessica, but he quickly realizes the that taking over towns is much more sweet than revenge

Now, there are a few big gangs, with nation-wide influence. The Grove Street Families, led by Carl and Sweet Johnson, rule the west, and call the shots in Los Santos. The Forelli Family Mafia, headed by Mario Forelli, owns boston and philly though Joey Leone in Liberty City, Tony Cipriani in Chicago and Tommy Vercetti in Vice.

Peter Sound(Portland and seattle) is a relatively clean city crime-wise, ruled by the Japanese Yakuza, which is headed by Sarena Kanseo, who wants Leone's blood for what happened to her siblings in Liberty City.

The game have diverse environments, from lush forests around Peter Sound to the deserts around Venturas and Houston and the tropical paradise that is around Vice City and to a lesser extent Los Santos.

Big Playaz:

Carl and Sweet Johnson - heads of the powerful Grove Street Families, both have a strong sense of loyalty, though Sweet is a tad naive towards the rest of the world around him. Both are tough fighters however, and both take any thread very seriously.

Tommy Vercetti - Still a maniacal killer and drug dealer, Vercetti is tough by is also dying of cancer, which is hurting his ability to keep control in Vice City. But despite this, the mob still solidly rules Vice City.

Joey Leone - The head of the Liberty families after his father's death, Joey has grown into a ruthless hunter, after the death of Catalina Vialpando the Leone Family brutally brushed aside the Colombian Cartel and the Yakuza. Joey is still very much in control, but Luigi Gottereli has his eye on replacing him at the top.

Tony Cipriani - big, tough and bad-ass, Cipriani rules over Carcer City with a brutal hand here. His families have been known to brutally butcher anyone causing them injuries, whether its other gangs, police or civilians. But the Police wants him gone as much as possible, and wants to punish the Triads in 'Fierro and Liberty for disgrasing his family. He is stronly linked with the Leone families and is helping then expand to Carcer City.

Mario Forreli - he came from Sicily to whip the American operations into shape, but clearly none of the families have much respect for him, especially Joey who considers him a nuisance. Mario also has the belief that the code of silence is unbreakable, a naive assumption at best.

Sarena Kanseo - Moved to the USA from Japan after the death of her siblings. A bisexual, she is infamous for having used some pretty nasty torture methods and has made the normally honorable Yakuza into a much more effective fighting machine, better armed and smarter.She runs Seattle and is expanding to Portland.

Little Playaz:

Donald Love - A major media and property owner, Love is a major player in anyone's operation and a powerful ally. The problem is that honor and trust don't even figure into the guy's thinking, he's as ruthless and back-stabbing as they come.

Cesar and Kendl Vialpando - The husband and wife team are great businessmen, Kendl is considered a genius by many. Cesar is well known for his calculating approach, even if his anger clouds his judgement, especially if his wife is involved in the situation.

Wu Zi MuThe remains of the Triads in Liberty City are now mostly in San Fierro, under the command of the Hong Kong-born blind Triad boss. Wu Zi is not much of a hands-on brawler, but he has great trust in the Grove Street Families.

The Krews - The Krew is the nickname for the bunch of mid-level Los Santos gangbangers. They are a third world gang, The Ballas and Grove street combined, they have little connection with reall grove street and real ballas,they think they are hardcore but are really just a bunch 18 year olds running around with pistols thinking they run the streets, they are heavily involved in graffiti. Ken Rosenberg - former lawyer to Vercetti and then sound manager and accountant for rapper Madd Dogg, Rosenberg's fallout with the Mafia has forced him to lay low in Peter Sound(puget sound), he is Shayne Maxwell's second cousin.

Kent Paul, Rick Shame and Maccer - a trio of British music men, who have turned to the Families for help after repeated attempts on their lives by the Mafia. Kent is known as a smart guy with an ear tuned to the streets, even if most people don't have much respect for him.

Colonel Cortez - Raising hell in Vice City, Cortez is looking to extend his South American criminal network into the United States, but old friend Vercetti is not happy about it, and Mercedes Cortez' death a few months ago has really angered the Colonel.

Alex Shrub - A little too well known to every government official in the USA, Shrub, who is now a Senator, is known for his dirtbag style of doing business, and most of the gangs have much distaste for him. His right hand NSA man, Mike Toreno, generally does his dirty work. Mike is not on great terms with either Grove Street or the Mob.

A basic layout for what the next generation GTA could look like,maybe possible with the next gen consoles coming out, like Xbox 360 and especially The Playstation 3 with it's Cell technology. Im sure rockstar could do this with the cell techonology and blu ray discs!

Please take interest in this it took me a long time to think this up! thanks! ~PiRu SuCkA

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more skins in the skins menu

bigger cities

arena where ppl can kill each other(i know it will never happen :( )

planes go higher

make the ocean bigger

make bigger boats, and i mean alot bigger


more places with business assets

jobs( eg drug dealer or bus driver)

make dead bodies stay for longer periods of time

more range with sniper

more weapons

and online multiplayer game made authentically by R*


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Magnum why teh hell do you need planes go higher it is stupid because they can go very high as it is there is no need to go any higher

the thing I really want to see is a massivly improved 2 player system where it is split screen and each player can move anyware freely and can enter exit vechiles with out with out no 1 car for 2 people but still beable to get both it one car but give some freedom.

The next thing would be cool is mission where you got to work togetehr with your gang where you are doing one thing like setting a bomb across town and there are raiding some short of facility for information or weapons but somethign goes wrong and you got to race across town and save them and I want to see more cases like the one at the start of SA where your on a bike that was f*ing cool but I want to see where you got like a convoy where your tryign to get your cars to safty but your attacked and you got to slow speed up take out road blocks and things liek that at highspeeds and stoped positions like your on there free way and cars pull up behind your convoy you go back and take them out and then they come from the side and you got to catch up and kill them and way up ahead one of the drivers spots a road block you hit your nitro speed up stop take out a rocket launcher a destroy the road block then one of the drive say that they spotted some that jumped on to one of the cars in the convoy and is leaving

this is where you hop on a bike case the car down and the game tells you that you are switching charaters to the guy that is on the back of the bike and you have to shoot out the tires of the car after this is done you get a cut sceen of the car slowing down and you driving your biek up to the car and kicking the sh*t out of the guy that hijacked teh car and kidnapped the people inside then the mission end and you are back to your normal charater.

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Carcer City? (Chicago)

Carcer City is modeled after Cleveland, not Chicago,

Now, your character's name is Shayne Maxwell, a guy from Portland sent to jail for a bank robbery where his old friend Justin and ex-girlfriend Jessica Pruett set him up.

Sounds A LOT like the opening plot for GTA3. I re-word yours and you'll see why:

Now, your character's name is Claude Speed, a guy from Portland, Liberty City sent to jail for a bank robbery where his old friend Miguel and ex-girlfriend Catalina set him up.

Big Playaz:

Carl and Sweet Johnson - heads of the powerful Grove Street Families, both have a strong sense of loyalty, though Sweet is a tad naive towards the rest of the world around him. Both are tough fighters however, and both take any thread very seriously.

What about Kendl, Ceaser, Dwane and Jethro, Zero, Mike Toreno, The Truth, etc...?

Tommy Vercetti - Still a maniacal killer and drug dealer, Vercetti is tough by is also dying of cancer, which is hurting his ability to keep control in Vice City. But despite this, the mob still solidly rules Vice City.

How would Tommy get cancer?

Colonel Cortez - Raising hell in Vice City, Cortez is looking to extend his South American criminal network into the United States, but old friend Vercetti is not happy about it, and Mercedes Cortez' death a few months ago has really angered the Colonel.

Tommy wouldn't be angry at this. If he is having trouble running it like you said, he would be happy to have an old friend help. Also, how would Mercedes have died?

Your ideas are ok, but they need more details and a little less conflict between the characters. Also, where is Claude in all this?


more skins in the skins menu

bigger cities

arena where ppl can kill each other(i know it will never happen sad.gif )

planes go higher

make the ocean bigger

make bigger boats, and i mean alot bigger


more places with business assets

jobs( eg drug dealer or bus driver)

make dead bodies stay for longer periods of time

more range with sniper

more weapons

and online multiplayer game made authentically by R*


Really good list, and the bodies should stay longer now that Rockstar has much more rendering power and memory to work with.

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This is my wish list

- I think it will be cool to customize my guns like engrave my name on them or have gold handles.

- I think you should be able to choose your own gang car and then mod like after you buy a show room or garage like Wang cars.

- It should be set in 1991 and you should not be able to create your own story line character R* can do that they got them all right so far.

- You should be able to do missions cooprative like player 2 can be a gang member or some thing

-T V shows like lil 5 mins one i whould love to see my 5 uncles or liberty city surviver.

-We should be able to disable cheats like go into the start menu and turn cheats off and put a password to beable to put them back onor off.

As you can see my list isnt that long but lil things like that whould make Gta 4 tha best game on ps3 well untill they make Gta 5 .

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some gta4 ideas, i saw some of them on the board already, but most seemed worth posting.

Weapons / Tactics

- one problem with San Andreas was even though there are a million places to get weapons, food, etc at, everything is way too standardized. for weapons, you could still have ammunation for your pistols, rifles, etc. for your more powerful/illegal weapons, (m16, rocketlauncher, m60 and more) you should have arm dealers spread out in the area (maybe you go to their homes, or an abandoned warehouse) with various items for sale at blackmarket prices. a blackmarket stolen car garage/lot would be pretty cool too, to buy cars that are rare or you don't want to take the time looking for.

- after building up weapon skills, you should be able to lock onto two targets at once with your dual weapons.

- the ability to carry more weapons, even of a single type; this would probably be most useful for the heavy weapons slot with the flamethrower, rocket launcher, and gattling gun.

- the ability to knock/shoot a weapon out of enemies hand and take it.

- nunchucks.

- expand the manuevers and acrobatics you can do while holding weapons and fighting. have the ability to front roll summersult, jump and

fire weapons, stuff like that.

- you should have an item like throwable roadspikes yourself for when you are driving to throw out behind you.

- ability to shoot behind yourself while on foot. ability to shoot behind and in front while driving.


- safehouses should be able to store guns, ammo, items, etc. this way if you know you have to do a hard mission next and won't need a weapon like rockets for instance, you can store the rockets and if you die in your mission, you'll still have your rockets there.

- there should be several motels where you can save your game at for a price (rent on room) you

don't have purchase the hotel rooms, they are always available as save points.

- at somepoint during the game, certain safehouses are not safe anymore, since police eventually

start staking your place out. this forces you to save at motels more.


- it would be interesting after a while in the storyline to have a manhunt after you. this would be

seperate from the star/police chase system. but after you committ enough crimes, it seems

like some federal police would be investigating it and tracking you down. every once in a while,

they would find you and start chasing you, but you could evade them.

- the ability to take hostages while being chased by cops. this would make them back off a little

and then you could kill or release a hostage when you have a better chance at getaway. the cops wouldn't let you by with a hostage, they would just be more tactical trying to kill/arrest you.

- the cops should have roadspikes again. also, especially when you have three or four star rating, the cops shouldn't just appear out of nowhere on foot. they should all come with vehicles. i doubt any cops would travel on foot to a crimescene. cut down on the cops on foot in general. also, the police should come out in rounds to take you out, constantly vehicle after vehicle means you can't really escape from cops besides respraying your car. i want the satisfaction of actually running away from cops to where they stop looking for me. also, to make missions more challenging, fun, and realistic, you should have to evade the cops completely before you can save your game. like i mentioned, you will have several ways of evading though.

- the cops should do all sorts of illegal things. you see them running red lights (without sirens), cutting across gas stations, hitting things...

- prostitutes, drug users you want to sell to, and others should be cops in disguise sometimes.

- you should have more ways to elude cops than just the pay n spray. there should be disguise items you can use that are work unless a cop is 10 feet in front of you or something. also for the pay n spray, to make it more realistic and challenging, the pay n spray only evades the cops when they don't see you go in there (ie no cop within so much distance). also, doing insane jumps or stunts shakes the cops off you, which would make for a much more interesting getaway. the way it is now is too easy and unrealistic: you have tons of save points in which you can just go in and save your game to get rid of the cops. i'm pretty sure the cops would still be at your safehouse if they see you go in there, so therefore you shouldn't be able to save until you don't have any wanted level. it would also be cool to elude cops when you are in a building, by jumping out windows, climbing stairs, making it a maze for the police to find you.


- after you either beat the mainstoryline or get to a point where you are a huge kingpin, it would be cool to have the option be driven around in a stretch limo. this could work by either pressing the keypad in what direction you want to turn next, or selecting on the map a location and the driver takes you there. it could also work by you just getting in the limo and you are driven around to your various assets to collect the money or something like that, and stop next to a assets cash symbol, collect the cash, then get back in the limo to be driven to the next one. being a mobster kingpin should have kickbacks like this.

- along the lines npc vehicles, you have the ability to hail taxis (along with car-jacking still). the taxi driver drives either randomly around places or if you have your map marker set then they drive to the marker. when you mark a spot and get in the taxi, you should have the ability to skip ahead to your destination point, just like you can skip ahead in your passenger flights in SA.

- hang-gliders

- you can have a yacht ship with rooms to store your ammo, items, weapons, just like any other safehouse. you can also save anywhere on the map with this ship too.

- including animals in general wouldn't really be that great, but I think horses that you can ride would be a cool addition. especially if the next

gta has a wilderness area like SA.

- the game could use the airport system like SA did to interact you with far off desinations. maybe two other big cities are accessible, but only by plane (non user controlled).

- rollerblades as transportation. also it would be cool to include skateboards, jet skis,

snow skis, snowboard.

- an optional speedometer that you can turn on/off when you get in vehicles.

- vehicle mods for your cars that protect you more. spikes on the sides, armored plates, bullet proof, etc.

- cars should only blow up when their gas tank is hit with bullets. otherwise, a lot of damage only makes it stop running

- when a vehicle does get blown up or even smashed in a bad crash, it should break apart in various ways, in a way that might leave the frame stripped off with you just holding the steering wheel.

Missions / Submissions / Sidegames

- more mini-story side missions. bring back the assassination contracts from Vice City. The mini-storylines should have their own cut scenes too. it would be cool to make some of these missions available after the main storyline, so when you 'get to the top' you still have trash to take out so to speak.

- the recreational basketball was a great idea in SA. this could be expanded to golf, jet skiing, hunting, fishing, and more casino games. these should also have rpg meters to them like gambling and weapons do.

- there should be underground gambling or casino games where you play poker against several computer players.

- it would be cool to have GTA1 included as an arcade game in the new GTA, just like the video games at CJ's house were.

- the rushed pace of GTA1 should be brought back in a lot of missions. it seems like you were always just about late in making it to your checkpoints in time. put a clock in several missions.

- on the gambling subject, there should be modifications made to where you cannot super-easily make money, especially at the horse-betting and roulelette games.

- you should be able to rob people by pointing a gun at them and hitting a button asking them to hand over money. that would make more sense that killing them, since you would expect them to hand over their money if a gun was in their face. you could always kill them after you robbed them.

- the sub-missions like firefighter, police, paramedic should be more diverse. as the levels go up, you would do different activites. for police, you could stop robberies in stores, break up drug/gambling rings (not your own of course), and be in riot gear to fight off rioters and/or hippies, among other things. this would require getting out of the vehicle obviously, and doing so wouldn't end the mission. firefighter missions could include rescuing people from buildings, hosing buildings, etc. things that take you out of the specific vehicle and onto the streets that add variety to these otherwise monotonous missions.

- bring back robbing stores. be able to rob fast food, banks, etc. to expand on this, it would be awesome if you could plan a heist like in the malibu asset of VC, but without the game plot being set on certain conditions of automation (no storyline or rules to the heist). for instance, you have a gang and you assign someone to drive the car (and select a location), someone to cover you when you hold up the bank or whatever, some to act as a decoy, etc. this would pretty much allow you to create your own mission where you could pull off awesome heists in different ways every time (non-automated by the computer)

- missions where you work with large numbers of npc; and the AI the computers have is very intelligent and useful, as I just described.

- longer missions, with lots of variety like 'reuniting the families', in which you drive, shoot, and interact with your compadres and enemies, etc. missions where you shoot from a heliocopter like in VC, the mission where Lance flies and Tommy fires.

- if the gang territory system is done again, territories should be bigger in size, and you have to do

more battling to get each of them.

- drugs. a way to implement this would be for your character to drive somewhere at a droppoint and pick up and buy illegal substances and then sell it to users on the streets. this should be a feature since you are in the underworld of crime, which always involves drugs.

Added Effects / Realism / Improvments

- you should be able to buy drinks at bars, and enough alcohol would make you stagger and drive crazy. whats the point of having bars without being able to drink? drinking games in bars would be fun too. it would have been a lot more interesting if in SA the mission where you drive the Truth to San Fiero and he was smoking the bong, for your driving to have been messed up then.

- bars should have biker gangs in them sometimes, which you could do a variety of things to earn their respect or piss them off.

- more peds on the streets, especially downtown. they should also have crosswalks to where they actually cross streets. and at certain rush hour times of the day, the streets should be a lot more crowded with cars.

- something to speed up the process of buying/changing clothes. it would be cool to walk into a store and have a option to 'buy everything' they have to save you serious time. when changing clothes, you could have user banks that load all the appearence options for quick clothes changing. i know everybody wants everything as customizable as possible, but it would be better to just have 'outfits' instead of everything divided into torsos, legs, hats, etc.

- weapons, health, and armor shouldn't just be laying around. not only is it unrealistic looking, but several items laying about in SA could have been used as an excuse to make more interiors, which would make the game deeper. for instance, all armor could be sold in gun shops, health items at hospitals, flowers at flower shops, vibrators at sex shops, etc. and instead of buying them at the various shops, you could be able to steal them too.

- seasonal effects. snow, ice, hail, hurricanes. of course this would depend a lot on where the next game is set in.

- sewers! to evade the cops or just for fun, you can get into a manhole and climb down into the sewer system.

- it would be cool to see various events around the city, such as a construction of buildings, parades, etc.

- the option of turning off the HUD. it basically loses its meaning after you explore the city up and down 1000s of times.

- no loading times for interiors. imagine going into a 40 story tower and then jumping out the window (to evade cops or for fun) on the roof and parachutting down below. how i see this is how in SA you open doors within interiors just by walking through it.

- no complexity that is mandatory that takes away from the fun of the game. no fuel gauges, no washing dirty clothes, no going to the bathroom, etc. take out the need to eat food (it should be optional to change body appearance) and no rpg esque building up your character before you can take on storyline missions. that had to be the most boring time spent in SA (ie amphibious assult) on the fuel gauges note, you should see motorists fill up at the gas stations though, to add realism. also it would be funny to jack a car when the peds are out gasing it up.

- most of the enterable buildings should have depth and variety to them. i don't see the point of makign 3000 houses enterable that all look the same inside. almost all the businesses should have interiors, but the residental housing should mostly not, and the houses you can enter shouldn't just be carbon copies of every other house.. many businesses should also have

useful stuff to buy or steal, sidegames, or humorous stuff in them, not just a building with decorations in it. interiors should play a big role in missions too.

- money in all GTA games eventually becomes meaningless after a certain period. there isn't probably anyway to solve this, but it would be cool if it seemed like you always had something you could work toward monitarily. for instance, you could buy a skyscraper or bank (with asset missions) for $40 million or something, or a military jet or other hardware priced in the millions.

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Well I got to say a few things some mini games are ok but to not put ones that take more than 15 mins which are done to complete a mission or somethign teh R/C mission are some times fun some times not. I do not want to see the option of playign GTA 1 in the next gta it is stupid becasue if I wanted to play gta1 I would play that game not the next GTA.

also I want to see a more indepth story line where every thing is harder eg. the price of weapons where in the bigging of the game it takes a lot of teh money you have to buy weapons. but with this does you can steal weapons from people on the street or go to other gangs and steal from them or even warehouses. furthermore you get ammo when goign on missions say before you start your allies pass you a clip or 2 so becasue ammo is harder to get. Also for side missions you have a bar where your weapon status for your gang is at so you can go get mroe weapons and ammo for your gang. Also for gun to get the accual gun from a store there is a small waiting period and a criminal check where if yuo are on a wanted list you got to do missions for the police to be able to get weapions from the store. Becasue of this the price of the gun is very steap to the money you own but if you want ammo for the gun it becomes a lot cheper. However; you can;t get all guns at the store and there is arms dealers around which you make through connections. thsi would add a new level of game play.

I also want to see a active raido like if you get alot of cops after you there is an alert on all radio stations that are reportign your chase which would be very cool. I agree where cars should not explode unless they take a huge amout of damage but once they get damaged enough they stop running. and if you flip your car you can push it over so you don;t have to lose it.

I want to also see full scale cities, if you can enter the building you can also jump out of it by shooting out a window and becasue of that yu can jump from another building and jump into an other through the window and because of this the floors are a little bigger than needed so yu can do this because it would really suck you trying a stunt to jump into the buildign and keep failign becasue you can't jump in becasue you keep hittign the teh floor and falling back.

\I agree totally with th hospital/cop/ fire missions you should have different tasks to make it more enjoyable and easier becasue I hated VC hospital missions becasue you would get a ped up near teh stadium and you can't get to him with out drivign up the stairs and causing lots of damage to your vechile which makes it every hard to complete. and the cop missions I failed so many becasue the bad guys shot up my car and I could nto find another cop or I get so many cops after me when doing the missions I have to keep running and avoid the mission just to survive.

I kinda do not agree with if you hit a gas tank it should explode for one they proved that it is hard to make a gas tank exploded when shootign it on mythbusters but it would really suck when your doign a long mission and tryign to get the a pay and spray to get from teh cops and just as you get the bang cop hit your gas tank and you fail the mission I think a better just for this case where if a person cop or non cop shoots your gas tank you get a fuel meter in this case only where you obnly get a couple seconds left to drive. Also becasue we all liek explosions you and you alone should be able to shoot a gas tank and make it explode.

Also I very much liek the Idea of hinding to get away from teh cops instead of saving or paint and spray however I do not agree with if a cop see you go into a pay and spray teh cops are still after you unless tehy change the amout of cops around this would make it extremly hard to lose them durign full wanted level durign missions. I liek the Idea of beabel to hidn from the cps but I would also liek to see more cops cahse you teh most cop car i seen in presuit if 5 I have seen more tanks following me. also I like to see less tank after you thereis no way they would see 50 tanks after some one I ould ratehr see a smarter AI in the tanks and all the tank show up on your map and they all work together to corner you and some times they shoo but not often or at random and also there bullet moves slower so you can accually dodge it. but not to slow bcasue I hate to see a game that is to easy and yuo could stand in front of it and dodge all day. but if yuo leave teh city and are far away from teh tank new ones spawn and are also showen on the map. I ratehr this becasue I hate seeign a bunch of tanks cluterign the streets and just havign the dumb luck of turing the corner and bagn right in toto a tank.

If the cops AI is improved their accuracy or damage shoudl be decreased or at least you can edit/change the level of smartness for the ops because not every oen plays at the same level and every one plays differently.I liek chases and stunt I could do that for hours my friend get board with that he can just go around a fight peopel for hours I find that boring espically when yo uhave to take turns of death instead of tiem because my game would last 20 mins his liek 2 hours becasue he may get in a fight every 30 sec to 30 mins at the most and find heath. that is a little off for teh cops AI but if you get a lot of stars I do no want to see a ambush of cops that are large i number ae have good accuracy becasue of this it would be very hard to survive. but if you want thsi still I ask for blance where there is the police chife and when he is around the cops have an Improved AI, but if you kill the chife they will be onorganized and be stupid like stand out in the open not draw there gun till they see you.

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wow I am just to lazy to do all that heck I am still atthe part where you got to take over all the teratories becasue I keep gettingcheap things happening and each place takelike 1 hour becasue they game spawns the enemy gang behind buildingsand I was unable to getto them becasueit kept saying get back to the fight and theenemy would never comeand it happens often to me so Istoped play for a long time.

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Here’s my GTA4 Wish list :)

Good Graphics (like real)

Dig holes and bury bodies

Do drive bys with any weapon

Better car damage

Police jump on your car but not on missions like if you get three wanted stars

Weapon upgrades on cars like in GTA 2



A zoo

Sharks in sea

School children

Ejector seats in planes

Skate boards


Homies able to drive your car so you can do drive by's

Put things in your car boot like a body

Take people hostage.

Grenade launcher

Pick up bodies

Have gadgets like a laser coming out of your watch

Air ship like in vice city but this time you are able to steel it and hot air balloons.

Police dogs

2 player spit screen

BY gtamike123

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in the next gta we should really be able to do drive bys with any weapon you except for like flamethrowers, m60, miniguns, maybe rockets on a mission, etc.

we shoud bue able to use like pistols, uzis, shotguns, maybe rifles (not snipers)

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AHAHAHAHA. You realise you just said you hate MGILB, right? :rofl2:

well if he wants a game that has dam children in it then it might be true. Why the hell would you want to go around shooting kids, you are just as bad as those f*ck heads who go to schools and start shooting kids. R* isn't that dam retarded to put kids in the game. I wouldn't get another gta game if they did put kids in it. f*ck I am about to go insane right now :pissed::pissedred:

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well if he wants a game that has dam children in it then it might be true. Why the hell would you want to go around shooting kids, you are just as bad as those f*ck heads who go to schools and start shooting kids. R* isn't that dam retarded to put kids in the game. I wouldn't get another gta game if they did put kids in it. f*ck I am about to go insane right now :pissed::pissedred:

I don't want them in there for two reasons:

1. I'm not a psycho.

2. I don't want Rockstar in more shit.

But if they put kids in there, I'd still buy the game. I'd just make sure to do it before it got banned and re-shipped out.

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