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It'd be cool if you could do that all the time Urbanoutlaw. Although the cops wouldn't believe it all the time and you could only do it once per day.

Something extra about the cellphones would be downloading or uploading ringtones. Hoping R* will include ringtones that you can change to or unlockable ones. Or you could always upload songs that you have on your console.

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please read carefully, because this game should be the best ever, I played gtSA for a long time, but this game should be as perfect as possible.

it shouldnt have competitor. if u accomplish what I say on this post u wouldnt have anybody on your level

well what I would really like is any type of customizable car, u have 60 GB on a blue ray dics, and you should take advantage of it, I think you should make the protagonist cuztomisable, to make it wear the clothes you want him to wear, and the face or race you want him to have, the cars

*well the cars you should be able to cuztomise by category, for example,

-racing cars.... have body kits, mufflers, hoods, and 17-23 inch rims

-loriders, with paintjobs, 100 spokes, tinted windows, grillz, hydros, or airbags.

-trucks, 20-27 inch rims, mufllers etc....

-motorcicles for choppers and also for sportbikes

*a big variety of wepons, at leats 10 of each kind,different kind of knifes (kitchen, and big, etc), baseball bats,beer botles(proken to use the spikes), 10 handguns, 10 machineguns, 10 submachineguns, 3 shotguns, bazooka or rocket launcher, granades, smoke granade, gas granades, flashbangs,molotovs, u should be able to make them by grabbing bottle and napkin silenced weapons, and most important I think almost everything in the envirement should be able to be used as a wepon or melee weapon, for example smack somebody on a car's window or a pipe u find on the street,

* I think people should also be able to use as human shield, like grab somebody from the neck.... like to block uncoming fire, or so cops wont shoot you.

*the bullet have a weight, and are projectiles that fly and have directions,

-in this game when somebody shoots you it should depent where it shoots you to define the lethality, because somebody can shoot you in the hands 100 times and you wont die, right? so shooting in extrmities will only incapacitate you to keep fighting or mooving.

-also the size of the bullet and if is to penetrate armor, or to damage, should define the damage a person recieves

-bullet should go back to ground by gravity force

-shooting a car in a door a 1000 times shouldnt destry the car, aiming at the tank ot engine should set it on flames or make it explote,

-waves on explosions should travel, waves might be blocked by objects like cars, or simply by going to the floor.

-waves shouls start high and break any windows close to it, and end up low, and just trow you away.

* cars should have real crash physics, for example crash with a traffic light post right in the middle should make the front of the car have a U shape (looked from up), cars should loose wheels if they are crashed at high speeds, cars shouldnt explote if they crash too much, but if they are crached in tank it should be settled in flames.

-Most important sometimes cars should turned upside down when crashes in a perect corner or sideways, when tracs are going at high speed and turn too fast they will also turn upside down. (<- I never seen crashes like this on a video game, but I seen it on real life)

you should get heat easy for crashing cars.

-ped should be able to call the cops when they presence a crash, homocide or anything wrong at all.

* Randomy as an option should be there too!!!! for example people fighting once in a while, craches, road works, rain, snow, wind* wind should influence bullets travel, robberies, suicides, people gettingon taxies, people with cases on the airport...etc

-also some bullet should penetrate body, high caliber bullets like 45.

*important u should have many checkpoins on the missions, so it wont be a pain in the arse.... because this game should be as realistic as possible.

*important vital organs should be marked in bodies including yours, for example if you get shot in the lung you would eventually die, if you get shot in the stomach u will die, so visits to hospitals should be abailable to help you in cases of eventual deaths. and of course I would like to see your guy wearing bendages when you come out of the hospital.

*fighting with somebody will take a long time to kill

*body guard or help should be recuitable, somebody that can get your back

*decrease the ammount of weapons you can have, for example you can carry a shotgun, without noticing, so for instance it should be as primary weapon or hangin

*ammo shouldnt be ass much

*you should have options to have more ammo or weapons like backpags, or carry them in the back of the car

*car engines should blow(stop working, and smoke come out of them) if you force them to top speed

-*- you should work more on real reflection for the ps3 version, because I notice on some pictures some cars look kind of fake.

*cops should track cars that are reported as stolen, and should pursuit you if they find you on the car or should wait when the car is parked

*many assasination styles, like trowing a person trought a window from a building

* This is very important and you really have to take this many building should ve enterable for example mcdonalds, gasstations, factories, high buildings, and houses

* cars should have gas, and run out of gas, gas quantity should be random by car

*traffic should vary by hours

*there should be a clock telling you the time, and day

you should be able to interact with people more, I dont want to say that you might have a girlfriend or something, because many people will fiind this idea stupid, and may say something to me, but is a great idea....to make this game as real as posible

*very important all the enviroment should be destroyable, and any destruction shouldnt be erase if you travel and comeback. for example, if u crash with lightpost and u bend it, it shouldnt be fucked right away, any aspect of the city should be saved.

* I want a very variety of cars.... as much as you can include (mine is a towncar so include that one please towncar 97)

*when you crash with heavier car like a truck or something the envirement should respond differently

* cars should totaled after a big crash

sideway lights for cars should be option

* you should be able to aim almost everywhere when inside a car

*downloaded or song that you have on hard disk should be playable on a car

*cars should have real radiostations

*walls should broke in pieces when you crash them

*wheels should loose air

*randomly cars should have technical problems

*i dont know if u already have this one, but you should be able to own property

* as I say before all the enviroment should be destroyable, so if you shoot a three in a perfect line is should be destroyed

* think to make this posible you should have atomic physics, with this I mean every element should be constituyed by many separable pieces

*you should be able to get hungry, and able to eat

you should be able to get skills like lear how to hijack cars (not jack every car that's parked in a street right away) some cars, randomly should be locked( cars that are traveling of course)

*the map should include high speed freeways

*police should control speed, and also is you cross with a red light, or go against the trafic r crash they should give you tickets , that you have to pay with the money you earn.

*you should be obligated to save the game everyday(gametime) and these serve as sleeping hours whish help you recover along with food, and drinks

*you should be able to get drunk whish will drecrease your performance in aiming, and driving, and your stamina, to walk or run

*peds should do random things like smoke, talk to you, get into a bus, sit in a bus stop, sit in benches, little kids holding their mother's hands, and kids playing in parks if there is any

* people should panik in catastrophes, like a shooting, or bombs, or explosions, and should make a circle when somebody including you is figthing.

*you should have slow death and start getting faded and dizzy when lossing blood or when shot and havent got sleep hours (faded is most likely a drunk state)

*you should be able to loose blood if you dont take care of injuries.

*bullets should bounce, and make colatheral damage

jumping from high elevations like large fences should disable a foot, and when shot on extremity, u should be disabled too.

*recoil should occur when u start with no skills and shoot a gun

*you should force the view to its limits, for example in the game the godfather you can only see to a limited point, in this game the entire city should be able to be seen, and have a inclination (since the earth is rounded) or make the feeling of it.

*when you crash you should get damaged depending on the crash( if you crash at 20 miles/hour it wont hurt you) and even kill you, in some ocations....and the steel of the card should bend according to the impact of the other car. the crash should stun you, again depending on the crash and if the car stops people should come and try to help or just watch and ask you if you are ok, or simply call the cops.

*many minigames should be able to be played, like scape from cops, illegal races, lowrider events, robber houses, rob people/peds, destry cars, etc.

*you should be able to wear a bulletproof vest whish lowers greatly the impact of some bullets* it wont have a limit of ussage like other games but it would be useless later on, so you should be able to throw it away.

you should also be able to throw everything that you can pick up, including guns or anything in the floor

*take good care of random events, like for example if there is a church that can be entered there will be mases, or if there is cinemas or shop centers, there should be people

*cars should have speedometer, and a lock on system to make you drive at the speed limit ( like the Mafia game), and of course cops would be watching your speed

*you should be able to go to jail, and loose big money, or days(in gameplay), witch would be skiped of course

*time should be reasonable to realtime, it should be syncronized with the ps3 clock, i say this because in GTSA minutes in real life were seconds in SA, so if you play on the night it should be night on the game also, and should be also sincronized with days. so when is chrismas or hallowing, you will see decoration

*Important...stuff should be downloadable from the internet like maps made from another users or weapons or skins, etc, but it should be free.....

.....hope you really put attention to my whishlist, because I focused on what most of the games have, I dont want this game to be like any other, for example the getaway, is a simple game, good but simple, nothing from another world.... I whish this game was the best, and I think the people making this game are professionals, so they will consider my whishlist.

plese feel free to contact me at [email protected]

please tell me what you think of my whish list

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i would like real car names but then rockstar would get sued

Rockstar wouldn't jst go out and use the cars names, they aren't idiots, like some among us... They'd have to get licensing first, and even they the companies may object to watching their cars tossed around the streets with RPGs and grenades.

I'd love to see other busts going on, and a wanted level for those who assault you/steal your car, not just me, why is it always me???

*cries hysterically*


*cries again*

But i'd also love tougher AI opponents, who don't go down without a fight, i'd love the battles to be much more gruelling and tough. Gore, sweat, blood, tears, ripped clothing, bruising, broken bones / dislocations/ knocked out teeth (that end up on the sidewalk, depending on whether or not you hit the guy so hard he swallowed them :P )

I love violence.

@ alienware - that last post = spam. k? Contribute or GTFO

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Something extra about the cellphones would be downloading or uploading ringtones. Hoping R* will include ringtones that you can change to or unlockable ones. Or you could always upload songs that you have on your console.

That's a pretty cool idea. I hope it is in the game.

I think it'd be cool if you could get pulled over and receive tickets for basic traffic laws, but hey, thats just me..

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Have anyone seen people (In real life, but I doubt you know it :P) that listens to music in cars, they sometime like move with the music rythm (I think thats the word, correct me), that should be good to see in GTAIV, also, people interacting from car-to-ped.

Car windows should be able to get down, or pull down, I dont know whats it called :P

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Realistic animations, I remember that in GTA:SA, when you enter...Lets say, the Hydra, I saw CJ Floating in the air, beside it, or with the trucks, same thing, you floated in mid air, beside the truck.

I would like Niko to climb up the stair at the side of the truck, 'difficultily' open the door, and enter.

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Realistic animations, I remember that in GTA:SA, when you enter...Lets say, the Hydra, I saw CJ Floating in the air, beside it, or with the trucks, same thing, you floated in mid air, beside the truck.

I would like Niko to climb up the stair at the side of the truck, 'difficultily' open the door, and enter.

you mean 'struggle to'?

heh yeah, great ideas though, no floating niko's plaese R*

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I agree with crazy kennys list. Many of those things were already in the GTA:VC.

And a few of the things have been suggested before. Like radiostations reporting in on news about what you've done. Like if you do a massive destruction and masskilling it would be mentioned in the radio.

Also using your own songs as the music was also in VC. ofcourse needless to say. im a PC user so that was easy.

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-ability to save in buses & trailers

-trailers are now accesible and can be like houses & moved by vehicales

-more weapons and cars

-peds (including cops and gangs) are not stupid anymore

-more realistic vehicale stealing ( i mean lke stealing a plane isnt so easy... there should be at least guards that you can steal the key from...)

-being able to matser weapons so you can do more stuff with them (like swords)

-rideable skateboards and you can beat someone up with them


-shooting someones brains out with a hunter (helicopter) or minigun ectually means killing them

-if you hit someone driving a heavy cars at feaster speed will do more damage (etc...)

-mre accesible buildings

-using the enviroment (like breaking a hose and hitting someone with it, using broken car doors as shileds...)

-planes/choppers have pilots in them (not just emty flying things...)

-more realistic ( a minigun is heavy so noone can shoot it in a atraight line without even moving etc...)

-homies can survive with you the whole game ( i mean theyre niot to stupid)

-taxis, limop drivers, heli and plane drivers, boat drivers thyat can drive you anywhere if you want for um... 1$-50$ for a sec

-better map

thats it i guess

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