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Things you don't know about people!


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I'm Dazza.

I find emo and scene girls hot.

I enjoy the TV 'Hannah Motanna'.

My ringtone is 'Through The Fire and Flames' by DragonForce.

dam dude you got good taste


I find girls 3 years younger then me hot.

But scene are hotter.

I once got my tounge stuck on the frozen part at the back of my fridge when it was like 4am in the morning.

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i am a shy person i flinch constantly when people i don't know anything about talk to me i shrug i often trip over my words i am stuck in my head all day i live just to find out why people care to live i am a mountain dew-holic i am a gun crazy multiple personality kid i one day dream of going to a place to be in a gang i play games all day i am sneaky as hell when i do something bad i make run on sentences and i sleep a lot without wanting to and i don't talk to people i like because i know i will fuck up somehow and due to several even as a child blows to the head and social embarrassment i am constantly ridiculed among some groups without any resistance my reaction time is greatly faulted and i shiver when its not cold

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