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Things you don't know about people!


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When i see a moth, i literally stop still, and don't move until it's dead. I am that fucking scared of them... If they fly near me, i feel the need to cry.

Don't mock me.

Gotta say, I share your feeling. Listen to this:

Back in 2003 or 2004, I went on a free trip to Wales with my friend and his mum and dad. One night, I was trying to sleep in my sleeping bag - the beds there were Rotten with a capital R. My bag was ripped at the bottom, and there was some HUGE moth flying around in the room. You could hear its wings, it was freaky. And then, it landed on my friends face. Luckily he was asleep, but trust me, he hates green flies - how would he cope with that on his face? Anyway, a few minutes after that, it flew straight into my sleeping bag! How I shit myself, its wings flapping like crazy. I've hated them ever since.

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I am afraid of Spiders and I hate (The Looks and Activities)Moths like MrLlamaLlama and Tec 9.

When I see either a (Medium to Large Sized Spiders) Spider or Moth I run like hell or if its a spider in a bath, I stand there just looking at it. For some reason I am scared of cows after one started chasing me when I was on holiday. I used to be afraid of dogs but since I now have 4 of them I don't think I am scared of them anymore.

I dislike Cheese,

I dislike Liquid Chocolate (Hot Chocolate; Milkshake etc),

I dislike Science,

I dislike Insects or Arachnids,

I dislike Egg (apart from when it's french toast or in things),

I like White Chocolate better than any other chocolate

I like liquid white chocolate

I dislike Minty and Orange chocolates

I like Custard Creams better than bourbon creams

I dislike the BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Citroen car companies.

I like some cartoons (Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes etc)

I dislike Fog

Anything else?

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I'm only 5 ft 6" and weigh about 9 stone(Lol, I'm not fat, I just have lots of muscle). I'm quite a bit smaller than most people my age. :(

I'm a pyromaniac.

I hate Tesco.

I'm quite the same as that except I am 5 ft 7.

I guess it's something what happens to 13 Year olds >.<

Why does almost everyone in the United Kingdom hate Tescos and like Asda and Morrisons?

I like Rock Music

I have brown/blond hair.

My favourite colour is Black and Red

My favourite type of Cadburys Chocolates are Caramel (Yummmm!)

I hate being on an Island called the UK.

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I hate Gordon Brown and the Labour party

I hate the Conservatives,

I hate the Liberal Democrats,

I also hate every Political Party.

The Queen is the best head of the country In my opinion.

I have a hatred for Smoking and Illegal Drugs.

I hate the colours green and blue for no reason.

I made 92 Userbars in the last few days for a particular site.

I have 7 Pets

My real name is my current display name without the Dot.

My favourite wild animal are the Badger and the Bear.

My favourite number is 2.

My favourite letter is S.

I haven't been to MacDonalds in 4 Months.

I was meant to be born on July 8th but was late and was born on July 11th.

I was scared of heights before my birthday last year.

Florida seems to be my favourite holiday destination.

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