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Man Claims to Speak 'Australian' After Allegedly Being Raped by Wombat


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SYDNEY — A New Zealand man has been sentenced to community service after telling police he was raped by a wombat and the experience had made him speak "Australian".

Arthur Ross Cradock, 48, from the South Island town of Motueka, called police on February 11 and told them he was being raped at his home by the wombat and he needed help, The Nelson Mail newspaper reported.

The orchard worker later called back and said: "Apart from speaking Australian now, I'm pretty all right, you know."

Cradock pleaded guilty in the local court to using a phone for a fictitious purpose. He was sentenced to 75 hours' community work.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer told the court alcohol played a large role in Cradock's life.

Just had to post this, one of the funniest things I've read in ages :lolbounce:

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,342099,00.html

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Lol, I live in Australia and I don't even use Australian slangs like "mate"

Me either. I don't like Australia much TBH, Not a country tuype person or anything. Hell, Brisbane is too bright and sunny for me. I wanna go to NY.

I cant beleive you dont like Australia. It seriously does not get much better then what we have here.

I would also like to go to NY, But not to live. Melbourne ftw :P

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