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Liberty City Boroughs


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  1. 1. Which area are you most looking forward to playing in?

    • Broker
    • Dukes
    • Bohan
    • Algonquin
    • Alderney
    • Happiness Island

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Well think about it.

Dukes(Queens) has the airport and queens is quite a rough area.

Broker(Brooklyn) has the amusement park, could be fun. Brooklyn is also described by most NY rappers as the ghetto of New York. So gotta watch your back.

Algonquin(Manhattan) Is to me the San Fierro Of GTA IV, High Riser buildings, small tight streets. Also very busy and contains alot of important landmarks.\

Bohan(Bronx) Ghetto Housing Projects. Nuff said.

Alderney City(New Jersey) Suburbs.

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Voted for Algonquin! Amazingly tall buildings,crowed,exciting,lots of nice cars, landmarks,ect.

I'm looking forward to every borough also has because they each have their own personality. Second pick is Broker because of Coney Island, 3 pick is Bohan. 4 pick is Dukes, and last but not least is Alderney= lots of fun.

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