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GTA4.TV vs. TheGTAPlace.com


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I spoke to Psy a few days ago after reading that his site has started a large clan via their forums. The way they seem to be doing it at the moment is by having two large clans (Xbox 360 and PS3), basically just splitting it into 4 timezones as to when matches will be played. I'm not sure if they'll always do it this way, or even how we'll do it. Allowing members set up their own clans is something we're willing to do. But it depends what you all want really. To play against members of this forum, or other forums, both would be great.

Having said all of that. I still went ahead and agreed that we should get some matches going between fansites. GTA4.tv launched their clan website today (I'm not sure we'll do anything similar, but it'll depend on how big or regular this becomes), and Psy even listed us on the fixtures page! :P

Anyway, as you can see from their clan site, they already have a LOT of members, though to be fair their forums are a lot bigger than ours. In another difference, majority of our members came here originally for downloads, and as such, play PC versions rather than consoles, so despite our medium sized member database, we still don't have a large pool of multiplaying console player-member-people.

So, the point of this topic is to get a list of gamertags/psn ids and timezones, and we'll see how we can organise something out of it. There's a likely possibility we'll also have staff matches too, depending on if I can get them all online, as some of them have neither console yet :o

So, post your console, gamertag/psn, and timezone (put yourself in one of the following generalised categories)

GMT-8 = West Coast USA/Canada

GMT-5 = East Coast USA/Canada

GMT0/+1/+2 = All of Europe

GMT+10 = Australasia

So I'll start with myself:

360 - ChrisJP88 - GMT0

Also, if you've posted in the gamertag topic it would be a good idea to add a few people off their so we can all use the invite feature for actually playing the games, if PS3 has a similar feature then also do it.

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I'm ready for them. Just give me a month and I'll be there. PS3 - GTADon - GMT0. I hope it's at least a month or two later, otherwise I won't be able to join you in the massive thrashing we're going to give them. Damn, they do have a lot of members. We should make a website for our clan though, and maybe a name as well. *Nominates self to be PS3 leader*

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