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why the world needs pay n' spray

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i was wondering, i thought i heard long ago that R* said this time there won't be any pay n' spray (the "auto fix your car with different color to erase your wanted level"), i just remembered that pay n' spray is something we need, not for the cops, but what if:

-our car got damaged somewhere because of a crash and it's a really good car

-it's a mission car and the boss said we need to deliver it undamaged!

-the engine is smoking and we are afraid if we get more damage the car would explode(yes, i know that the cars are more realistic and stronger, but still...)

how do we fix these cars? is there any news that i might not heard of about fixing cars or are the cars not repairable?

and one more thing, what about our garage? will it fix the cars like previous GTA's? or will it be the same like when we store it to add the realism, but if so, where can we repair it?

this concludes my concerns :)

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ehm pay n sprays do exist in the game, but the dont erase your wanted level

ACTUALLY, it depends. If the cops watch you drive in, you're still fucked. If not, your wanted level will go away and the game will progress 30 minutes.

That sounds like a good way to do it, I think that laying low in any garage should have a similar effect, as long as you are out of tsight from the 5-0.

It did feel rather ridiculous ditching a 6* wanted level in full view of the persuing FBI trucks & tanks. It always makes me laugh though, when you take in the view as you reverse out of the pay 'n' spray though the crowd of law enforcement vehicles...Bemused soldiers & Federal agents look around trying to get their bearings, as if they were suddenly released from some hypnotist's spell. Even funnier, is how they then attempt to find a sense of place & purpose in the bussling civilian environment, intergrating with about as much success as John Rambo on return from a tour of duty in Nam.

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Cool I knew Pay n Spray shops were still present, but I thought reducing wanted level by Pay n Spray was taken out altogether, which makes things slightly less realistic - I was wrong.

No it's not, because what happens is is that if theres no cops around you go in and it advances time 3 hours and then you come out. If there are cops around your fucked.

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But what about customizing your car like in sa, changing wheels,nitrous, etc. I want that to be in the game but i don't think it is :huh:

It isn't in the game anymore, they took it away.

It make sense that when there is no cops around, you go into the pay'n spray and your wanted level be gone.

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There is an interview on game spot I think, not sure but it says that it WILL NOT take away your wanted level even if no cops are not around you. This is realistic because your license plate wouldn't change and they could still see your face and they could recognize the car.

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or you can fix it by your own that will be cool :coolthumbup:

Like you pull over and take out a box with a hammer and spray paint inside and open the hood and start hammering things and spraying the scratches on your doors with cheap spray paint. Then you reach for a tape and tape over the broken window on your door. Then take a marker and color more scratches and finally tape your headlight back on and BAM your car is brand new.

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Playing through a few missions I got to learn a bit more about the game. Pay n' Sprays make a welcome return, working slightly differently this time round. If you drive in and a cop sees you, you won't lose your wanted level. If you're not seen though, you'll emerge with a new paintjob and minus your wanted level, the game time also advances 3 hours.


Guys, they're there and that's the end of it. Your welcome to discuss what you think of them, but please, stop arguing whether or not they are in the game or how they work. I've played it and explained right there.

Now this topic will be left open if you'd like to discuss how you feel about the way they're implemented, but if you all keep arguing about other stuff we'll close it.

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