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Hi, my name is Nez Man (Naean Howlett-Foster in real life.) and I am new to this forum.

I hope I have a great time here. The forums look very user friendly, and I'm positive that all of the community are just as friendly.

By the way, ever have any computer or technical issues, queries, or problems? I'd love to help you! Send me a private message or if I'm signed in, you may instant chat with me!

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hey folks thanks for the invite, im a real big gaming fan especially gta, iv done s*it loads of mods to san andreas ect but got a slyt problem im trying to use saac on vista + camhack but it keep saying MODULE NOT COMPATIBLE with the version windows when trying to regsvr32 dx8vb.dll. any help on the topic would be great and thanks in advance

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Hello, just signed up.

Been a GTA fan since the PS1days.

Played SA:MP for a while until GTA4 came out, and although I want to get back into SA:MP, I just can't put GTA4 down.

Can be found playing GTA4 on XBL most nights, and a bit of an all rounder really, from race, GTA race, DM, TDM and after a few of those, I kick back for an hour or so in FreeMode.

Would be great to have some people add me, as I usually wander around by myself. XBL tag is: BlackwatchEoEB.

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Im not new to the website, but this is my new account

Well, welcome back to The GTA Place. Just in case, but still, you should refresh your memory by reading the forum rules. By the way, who did you used to be on here?

I used to be 056california until I was banned, which I don't know why. Most Likely because of my language. But I am going to change all of that I hope.

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