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Hello everyone my name is ToonSkull my brother is Jabhacksoul and he is asleep now 4pm in the afternoon. :zZZ: He will be getting back up shortly. my guess is 3am. I just wanted to say hi and that I am not into GTA like my brother. This is beginning to feel like an AA meeting. ok I am not a GTA addict I am addicted to coke in the big red bottle. I enjoy playing online games, making movies on youtube, riding my bike, playing with legos, and watching cartoons. damn now it sounds like a dating service.

Speaking of that I go by the rule: There are only men on the internet. So even if you say your a girl person I won't believe you. :P I enjoy cosplay at the conventions but they are hard to find and once I find one I have to pay Dad gas money and if it is out of state hotel fees, entrance fees, blah, blah, blah..... I make 3D movies on youtube. I claim to be older than I am most of the time so I won't go there. I have a pet gerbil by the name of Comet Waffles Slagathor. I sleep in a coffin and I own a PS2 but hardly ever touch it. I like the PC and my favorite online games are the flash RPG like Dragon Fable, Mechquest, Guildwars, and some others. I like to talk a lot about stuff and right now my brother who is now snoring has me making dead actors talk... Chris Penn who play Palaski is dead for the past 3 years how do you get a dead actor to talk? :innocent:

What else? I am a Anarchist not one of those wannabes that run around spraying red circles and the letter A and trying to blow crap up. No true Anarchism is political stand that any country could be ran successfully without politicians. I have an American flag on my wall. Read up on it. I like good movies my brother seems to pick all the bad ones. My favorite movies are Monty Pythons Holy Grail, Clerks, Mall Rats, Jay and Silent Bob actually just figure the rest out. I like Rob Zombie's music, girls that I don't meet on the internet who later turn out to be named Harry. :bashhead: I really like the vast selection of emoicons this forum has.

My brother told me sign up and say hello since we are putting our superpowers together and creating a new mission pack for GTA titled "Tenpenny Stories" you can read all about it (like I just did) Josh is a real blabber mouth I sometimes wonder where he get that from? :whistle: Well I will stop in when I am bored out of my skull and want to talk about GTA. >.<

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welcome vinsss06 and shot n the ass ;)

have fun and enjoy, and we're not gays ;)

I think he ment guys. Plus, not everyone's sexual preference here is heterosexual.


Welcome everyone to The GTA Place.

Enjoy your stay and please read & understand the Forum Rules. No one wants to loose any fingers. :P

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