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I just joined again... I remain newly BLACKLISTED at GTAForums, but I don't plan to stoop to the already low level by hurling insults at them, YouTube serves that RANT purpose, but I will be here till the end of time, and hopefully add some useful thoughts. I've been accused of contributing nothing, in 9 years or so. Hmmmm So who is saying that and what have they contributed of substance??

I am and remain baffled by the accusations against me, but I am pleased by the conduct of this forum and staff. Keep up the good work


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Friend of Trip Mills' Scott at GTAF just left a long winded Milestone topic, in an honor to ten years staying at the one forum, we don't do that anywhere else online that I really know about....toot our own horn as such, I just want more of the truth out there, people of all stripes respected for their love and admiration for the game, not how they topped the leaderboard and fell in favor with some clique. Being dedicated to GTA and Rockstar games is all that's really required, it takes heart, does it not?? Anyway, I'll stick out with any forum who's willing to show the REAL community, ten years or more, I want everyone to enjoy staying that long, at the OTHER forum, it was really a battle of nerves because everyone loves to jump on everyone else, that's NOT what we're here for, mates!!!

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Long time no see man. How've you been?

Sherman! What's up dood! Still working on the whip? I've been pretty well mate, good to see you've stuck around!

Not a lot man. A ton has changed since we last talked.. what, 2+ years ago? Haha. I'm married, live in New Mexico, no kids (woo!).. work nights, going to school soon etc. Unfortunately I had to sell the car ): So many problems started coming up once I drove it out, it wasn't worth it to me to fix it. Sold it, driving a '95 Corolla right now. Waiting til I get into a house til I start up on my next car though :) How about you brother?

And I stick my head in every once in awhile :P especially with the recent gta5 news!

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Well, I was uber active no matter what, on the ole GTAForums, seems everyone and his brother chats up a storm there, and that's the main reason I miss it, because this silence from Rockstar Central is not that normal, even for them. They seem to be changing the promotion plans on their ears, or they really are taking some serious time on each game they make...that bodes well, and not so well for gaming's future, if you ask me.

Didn't everyone bitch about 10 years being too long a lifecycle for one generation of consoles, but if PS1 or PS2 can hang on to such a time line, it looks like the more money spent will mean more time devoted to each single platform

As far as my car mentioned earlier, the guy I sold it to wants to restore it to factory spec, even the nice wheels he'd take off, which I don't like. And perhaps a more monochromatic paint scheme, but I believe he was to document how the project proceeds, for an online doc on it's progress, but I've heard little since that initial sale.

HERE -> http://www.thirdgen.org/techboard/?

Last week I was watching the US cable show Counting Cars, which is near exactly the kind of Car-turn-around stories I like to see, however, it follows a trend of buy to flip ventures happening now, not exactly for the love of it, but more for making a profit out of historical pieces... I feel

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Sv, Artur! What's going on man? Around here.. not a lot, unfortunately. Same ol' stuff.. can't wait for more info though. I'm just hoping the hype they're building is worth it!

'Sup man, been long aswell. There's honestly not much that has gone on, same old shit just like you, waiting for Rockstar to give us further insight into V.

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