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Im Orges Gashi,

Im kind of new to modding i started mod gta 3 than got into it but when i started to make a total conversion in to Gta Albanian my computer mucked up and lost space so i had to deleted the game now my computer runs on 200mb-400mb(if lucky) so now i just learn to mod and mod a bit it fun.

I was looking at mod than i went to this site now i go on it when ever im bored its a great site except i dont understand gang system.

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Hey to all, new members, it's not easy bein new, nah? Well dw, just try to help out as much as you can, read the rules, no-one likes a n00b.

Eh, GTAplayer, what is it with u and telling people to have a F***in' drink. GRR.

Na jokin man. make mine an absynt h..A large one :drunks:

But yeah, read the forms before posting anythin n00bish, etc.yaddayaddayadda.

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very welcome Orges, man, i would like that albanian TC, im a modder too kinda

i wanted to make a weapon mod for GTA III one time, but i could never find the weapons, untill i realized that they were in one single dff file, lol, but i did never make one because i didnt know about UV mapping then...

but welcome, we are very friendly here :D

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i new so plz be nice 2 me :)

btw im only 9 so plz no bad launguage...ty

Surely then why play gta? On a gta forum, swearing is pretty much unavoidable... But suit yourself, kid.

And welcome ^_^

1.its fun

2.i been addictexd 2 it since i was 3(dont ask lol)

and i need help on GTA SA my screen keep saying signal input out of range change settings to 1024x768-60Hz

how do i fix this plz help?

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