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Who would win in a fight?  

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  1. 1. Who would win in a fight?

    • Fido
    • Tommy

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Tommy would actually have 2 1/2 gangs backing him because Colonel Cortez was pretty big and he could probobly send Tommy some help.

To you who says that Fido is no character.

True, he is not a character. Have you ever heard of a nickname? I know it is not his name but that is what the rest of the world knows him by. What did you wan't me to put? The nameless guy in gta III? No, why would i do that when I can just put Fido and people would understand. Do you undertand the concept of "Nick Name"?

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John has a point there, the yakuza are huge. Fido is just what maria((??)) called him, the whole world didnt call him that.

Yeah, that doesn't make it any less of a nickname. Most of the gta community recognizes him as Fido now so it is still the best thing to call him.

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Tommy has more upgraded weapons

This is kind off a double negative, because he had more upgraded weapons,

while that was more then 15 years (I guess) before GTA 3. But still you have a point even though that wasn't the question.

My opinion is: Tommy has more

character then 'Fido' because he can speak. I like 'Fido' too, because he is silent, but that doesn't give him a attitude. (Not an atitude like Tommy) So I'll choose Tommy.


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