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Who would win in a fight?  

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  1. 1. Who would win in a fight?

    • Fido
    • Tommy

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Claude. Tommy is a cheap rip-off of scarface. Alls they did was change his name and make him look different, I know it was a Reference towards him but it was just to much. Also the last mission was to easy, Just wait around the corner and throw a grenade down the stairs ( Like 4-5)

And Sonny is dead, In GTA III you had to go to her mansion, Kill the guards and chase after her heli, Go to the dam and kill all her guard than shoot down her heli and go to maria...Who btw is guarded by a hidden guy who almost killed me when i first beat the game. Plus tommy talks to much, while they are fighting tommy would prolly be talking a shitload while claude emptys 20 shotgun shells into his back all stealth like.

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Excuse the bump.

Tommy would win, Claude isnt as good at hand to hand combat, and he punches so soft he cant even dint cars!!! So while Claude Speed "speedily runs to his pink manana and drives off like a wus", Tommy will outrun the car, kick the door off, throw him out, and kick his ass into space, only to land back down again in the water.

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In a one on one, Claude's fighting technique was a little better then Tommy's, notably the age would make a serious outcome of the battle, if they battled in lets say '95 or '92 when Claude(Fido, Nameless guy what ever) would age around 25 (i think), Tommy would be around 30-40.

I say Claude

But with gangs, i would say Tommy since he haw power, and Claude is just a one man army...

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I'm going for Tommy. He is the king of Vice City, and is feared by lots of people; more people fear Tommy than Claude. Also, everybody has the guts to pick on Claude, which shows that he is a weak persion, as opposed to Tommy, who only has the Haitians willing to attack him. Also, Tommy is the type of person who doesn't take crap, so if you give him crap, he will beat you into a pulp!

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