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Picture Submission for Hottest Member


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If you want to get yourself in the voting for the forums hottest member, you first need to provide some pictures for us. Male or female, it would be fair if you posted pictures of yourself where you're clothed. We don't want people gaming the system by posting scantily clad pics of themselves... so don't be too revealing

If you do have nudes, please PM them to Chris who will be happy to accept them

Now if you don't have any new pics to post and need some already here, then feel free to grab them from post your pics topic.


  • You MUST post the pics here to be entered for voting.
  • You may post a maximum of 3 pictures of yourself
  • Other stuff I mentioned above

Please keep discussion to a minimum, this is just for submitting your piccies.

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Just to remind you all of the rules:

You may post a maximum of 3 pictures of yourself

So edit your posts, and select no more than 3 pictures to go through to the voting.

If you can't edit your post, report it (click on the REPORT button below your post) and explain which images you want to keep.

And try to use this topic just for submitting pictures (once). Best to keep the discussion elsewhere.

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im a sexy bitch i noez


*i was forced into that by my girlfriend lol but.. now i wana go skating in it :lol:*

EDIT: hay you guys is playing things.. :hmm:

im not playing them but.. its kinda hard to be while taking a photo.


Put the camera on auto timer for one minute and start rocking out. Put it in front of the drum set (on top of that TV might work, but the vibration might knock the camera over :P) but it would make an awesome picture.

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