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Sausagefest '09?!


Runs away. (besides, Gerard should get hottest member for his "Capitan Morgan" pic).

It's not a total sausage-fest. Though, in a forum where most of the members are supposedly straight males, it seems kinda odd that Chris is such a sex symbol. Then again, so are guilty-by-association's breasts, if the nomination topic is to be believed. :P

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I wouldn't know whos is better. I have only seen the FFM one not the LCF one. Besides, I don't often go in the topic because this is a family computer. I really don't think you should be discussing it in a public topic either, we don't want people thinking they are missing out and then they end up creating these porn topics in full view of the public.

Edited by Thomas.
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Well most of this seems to be a popularity contest. I get confused when I see people nominate me for some of these awards since I'm not too popular around here, but don't get me wrong, I really appreciate it. I'd consider myself well known around here, but not popular.

I usually don't nominate people, because most of the time someone else nominates the people that I'd nominate. I'll most likely be voting though.

Congrats to those that have been nominated and thanks to those who nominated me.

Do some people not know that I'm "Original GTA Master" or are people just too used to calling me "OGTAM"?

I noticed some people voting "OGTAM" or "Original GTA Master" and then having "Harwood Butcher" in the same post.

It doesn't bother me or anything, I just find it sort of funny.

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I thought you went inactive, dude :\

Well did you know that I was "Original GTA Master" before my previous post?

I've been less active, but not inactive. I haven't been in some of the areas that I usually go in.

I mainly come on here now when I'm bored.

Anyways, yeah, nominations. I think it'd be better if more people nominated/voted. There usually aren't too many that participate, but I guess that's because of old people leaving and new people having no clue what to put.

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