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Empty your pockets!


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Ah I see, that's pretty roarsome though, I have like ten dollars or whatever the fuck they're called over there in Canadian money. I don't carry anything unless I'm carrying money, then I bring my wallet. I carried a condom before but just used em on masturbating etc since they were lubed. Never gonna happen for a while anyway :(.

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1. maximum tune 2 card.

2. another maxi tune 2 card.

3. maxi tune 3 card

4. concession card for public transport

5. license :P

6. visa debit

7. the other visa thing i had, but then they closed.

8. mcdonalds discount voucher thing

9. cinebuzz movie discount thing

10. star city (casino) card! :) lol.

11. galaxyworld member card (arcade)

12. wallet..der

13. Nokia N81

14. keys

15. sennheiser CX300

that would be all XD

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The concession card is a student concession card thing, its just so i can get train/bus for cheaper. lol im only 18, i wouldnt call that 'old'

Ok... Your drivers license looks like your 30 or something lol (Your clever posting it, If I zoom it in which I cant be bothered to do, I get your idenity sucker!), just looks like it with the haircut. I really got the wrong idea lol...

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I couldn't be bothered to take my cards out my wallet in case one of you tools tries to steal my identity :P

But no all there is is my provisional driver's license, bank Debit card and some other useless shit. I took my cash out though to give the impression I'm rich when I'm not :)

Also this isn't actually my desk, so don't ask what all those ambiguous stains are. I don't know.


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